Sorry For The Lapse CtPatriot has been Dealing with A family Crisis


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  2. Career Politicians

    The advantages of being a federal career congressman include:

    $170,000+ salary
    PREMIUM health care plan (free)
    GENEROUS pension and perquisites

    There is also the ability to command lecture fees, write books, make paid apearences, and enjoy other income enhancements difficult to measure.

    Obviously, these are coveted positions – coveted even by those already wealthy. Power has its own attractions. The major flaw (for the citizenry) is that politicians will give up their principles to keep the huge amount of money flowing that enables them to continue their career. We cannot sensibly expect them to legislate term limits on themselves; nor would their “deep pockets benefactors” allow such a thing.

    The voters, however, can do this. We must make it our policy to never allow ANYONE to hold office more than twice, even if it means voting for someone we’d like to condemn to a desert island. We may lose some good people this way, but keep in mind that even “good” politicians go “bad”. The worst offenders have been career politicians, although there may(?) be a few decent ones.


  3. It’s ok, the internet doesn’t need another conspiracy-minded, uneducated gun nut. Take your time.


  4. It seems to me it is excellent thought


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  6. do you guys want people to post some things while you guys are dealing with your personal matter. i can write stuff, im good at that.


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