WARNING! If Dem. Gov. Dannel Malloy Wins Re-Election In Ct. Hes Coming For Your Guns! (VIDEO)

Ct Patriot: Being a life long Ct. Resident and having lived in Stamford during the years Dannel Malloy was the mayor. I have Know about this man for several years now, and some thing has just never rubbed me right about him. I am under the personal opinion he has great aspirations, almost a bloodlust for power. I’m sure after his handling of the Newtown Tragedy, And his Zeal to enact sweeping gun registrations. Those things and others should make him a favorite in the next administration (if there is one). But I’m thinking, the wanna to be JFK has one more piece of dirty work to do before he gets his reward. Dannel Malloy Needs to win re-election and Start the Gun Confiscations. That will make him a Socialist-marxist-progressive Golden boy. Well I say any one in Ct. Vote this man out . Or do we want to become like Chicago?  Do we really want to be the state that ushers in the Police state? Or Do we Want our 2nd amendment rights, and all of our rights endowed by our Creator. Not some Facists in Politics. So Lets make sure ole Danny boy hears the American spirit and does not get re-elected!



Guns to Play Big Role in First Post-Newtown Connecticut Governor’s Race

Democratic Gov. Dannel Malloy will be carrying the flag for gun-control supporters in his close bid for reelection.

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