WARNING! FEMA Camps For American Ebola Victims Forced Indefinite Quarantine! ( VIDEO PROOF )

Ct Patriot: It is my opinion based on information I have been given and have read. That the Current Ebola epidemic was created just like most of our deadly viruses at Fort Detrick, MD. And was then sent to Africa to start the infection of people with this new weaponized strain. Now of course with the US having open borders its only a matter of time before it arrives on our soil. So here is yet another attempt in the tradition of  H1N1 and AIDS, to cull the population. Especially if we were to dare to wake up to what is being done to us.


Ebola: The Sick To Be Rounded Up and Sent to Camps

Lizzie Bennett
Underground Medic
September 23rd, 2014

FEMA Camp map

Map of active FEMA camps waiting for inmates in case of Martial Law

Image credit: Humans Are Free

The World Health Organization has announced that Ebola victims in Liberia will be confined to camps as medical facilities can no longer cope with the influx of patients. The idea is to isolate these people from those caring for them in order to reduce the spread of the deadly disease.

From the Washington Post:

MONROVIA, Liberia — Looking for a new approach to blunt the Ebola epidemic sweeping West Africa, the Liberian government, the World Health Organization and their nonprofit partners here are launching an ambitious but controversial program to move infected people out of their homes and into ad hoc centers that will provide rudimentary care, officials said Monday.

The effort, which is expected to begin in the next few weeks, is an intermediate step, officials said. The goal is to reduce the chances that Ebola patients will infect their own families and others while ensuring that they receive basic care — such as food, water and pain medicine — at a time when many hospitals and treatment centers are closed. Read more…

download (13)Note the words rudimentary care…These centres will not solve the problems Ebola is causing. For a start you have to get the patients to the camp treatment centre without further contaminating other people. Then you have to have a means of keeping them there without passing the disease to the guards  attendants who will be going home each night. You have to get food and water in and waste out…unless that’s not the idea at all.

If the proposal is to lock them in and keep them in, in order to let the disease burn itself out well that’s a different thing altogether, I suppose you could just torch the place afterwards…

For those fortunate people that manage to avoid being rounded up and sent to death camps there is an increasing problem of where their final resting place will be. The cemeteries are filling at a rapid rate. Indicating that the epidemic is already far worse than the authorities admit to.

James Hamilton, chief gravedigger at the King Tom Cemetary said ” much more space is needed”. The supervisor at the cemetery  has recorded 110 Ebola burials this week, in one cemetery in Freetown, he does not comment on other cemeteries in Freetown. Sierra Leone has officially recorded only 10 deaths due to Ebola in the city. (source and read more)

Meanwhile, the World Health Organisation is warning that unless Ebola is brought under control and fast we could be looking at a situation where the disease is permanently circulating amongst African populations. With the death rate increasing, now about 70% of those contracting Ebola die from it.

From USA Today:

download (12) The notion that Ebola could become endemic in West Africa — spreading routinely, rather than in sporadic outbreaks — is “a prospect that has never before been contemplated,” according to the report, published online in the New England Journal of Medicine. There could be 20,000 cases by Nov. 2, with thousands of new cases per week, the report said. About 70% of patients are dying from the illness.

“We are concerned that without a massive increase in the response, way beyond what is being planned in scale and urgency … it will prove impossible to bring the epidemic under control,” wrote disease researchers Jeremy Farrar, of the Wellcome Trust, and Peter Piot, of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, in an accompanying editorial.

The Ebola virus has caused more than 20 outbreaks in the past four decades, mostly in remote villages in Central Africa. Although some outbreaks were severe, public health officials were always able to put a stop to them — even without effective treatments or vaccines — by quickly and methodically diagnosing patients, making a list of everyone those patients might have exposed and then monitoring those contacts.


– See more at: http://www.thedailysheeple.com/ebolathe-sick-to-be-rounded-up-and-sent-to-camps_092014#sthash.9xYkWGGs.dpuf



Will An Ebola Panic Be Used As An Excuse To Put Large Numbers Of Americans In Camp

12 August 2014 21:50

Written by Michael Snyder

Now even the mainstream media is admitting that during an Ebola panic “people could be detained for long periods, merely on a suspicion they might have been exposed to some pathogen.”

As you will read about below, federal law contains some very vague provisions which could be used to indefinitely quarantine large numbers of Americans in the event of a significant Ebola outbreak in the United States.  So where would all of those people be put?

Certainly they would not be mixed in with prison populations, and our hospitals would only be able to handle a very limited number of Ebola patients.  Once our medical facilities are overwhelmed, it is inevitable that those that have Ebola or that are suspected of having Ebola would be housed in temporary holding centers, tent cities, sports stadiums, old military bases and FEMA camps.  Of course strict measures would be taken to ensure that the quarantine is not broken.

So no matter what official name is given to these facilities, they would in essence be prison camps.  No unauthorized personnel would be going in or out.  And since the federal government already has the power to round up and detain anyone “reasonably believed to be infected with a communicable disease”, the potential for abuse is staggering


images (12)The global death toll has now passed 1,000 for the first time, and many in the mainstream media are starting to realize that there is a very strong possibility that we could soon start seeing cases of Ebola in North America.

And if Ebola does start spreading across the United States, it is inevitable that there will be a very strong response by the federal government.

A piece that was written for Forbes entitled “If Ebola Arrives In The U.S., Stopping It May Rely On Controversial Tools” that was authored by former FDA official Scott Gottlieb spells out some of the “spooky” measures that could be implemented if we do indeed see a major Ebola outbreak in this country…

The existing rules leave a murky and potentially intrusive scheme largely intact. The Bush era regulation laid out some spooky scenarios where people could be detained for long periods, merely on a suspicion they might have been exposed to some pathogen.  And forced to submit to certain medical interventions to gain their freedom. But the existing rules in force today leave possible these same scenarios – only without any protections that could be spelled out in clear regulations.

So what would those “medical interventions” include?

Are we talking about mandatory drugging or mandatory vaccines?

And the rules also say that people can be detained for as long “as may be reasonably necessary”.  Unfortunately, that phrase is never defined.  During a crisis, it could potentially mean that people will be detained for weeks or even months

download (11)In the presence of a suspect case of Ebola, the official CDC website details ‘Specific Laws and Regulations Governing the Control of Communicable Diseases’, under which even healthy citizens who show no symptoms of the virus could be forcibly quarantined at the behest of medical authorities. The existing regulations stipulate, “Quarantine is used to separate and restrict the movement of well persons who may have been exposed to a communicable disease to see if they become ill.”

In other words, you don’t have to be sick to be detained. Just suspected by health officials of having been in contact with someone who might have had the disease.

The regulations say a person “may be detained for such time and in such manner as may be reasonably necessary.” Is that three days or thirty? There are no rules.


For full article click here



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