BREAKING SCANDAL: Handwriting Expert Says Patrick Swayze’s “Surprise” Will Was Forged!

Ct Patriot: This sounds very suspicious to me. Why would he not take care of any of his family?

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October 29, 2014

$windled Out Of Millions? Patrick Swayze’s Family Members Believe His Will Was FORGED — Handwriting Expert Says It Was ‘Highly Unlikely’ He Signed It!

Radar Online

Oct 29-2014

Patrick Swayze’s family isn’t letting him rest in peace amid a bombshell accusation that his will was forged! has learned a new claim that someone falsified his signature to inherit his fortune has caused an enormous feud to erupt.

download (8)Radar has learned that a “surprise” will was filed in a New Mexico court in August that blindsided some of the Dirty Dancing star’s relatives. Swayze’s entire estate – worth an estimated $40 million – was left to his widow Lisa Niemi, 58, according to the four-page documentobtained by Radar. The document in question was signed by “Patrick Swayze” and executed on July 27, 2009.


 But there’s a problem.

The actor was hospitalized at the time, according to a family friend who believes Swayze wasn’t functional enough to sign anything!

“He was very sick, emaciated and high on an anti-seizure drug…and 10 different medications,” the friend said. “Patrick was barely coherent!”

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Did Patrick Swayze Sign His Will? Handwriting Expert Says It’s ‘Highly Unlikely’

Patrick Swayze’s will was allegedly forged by someone that “falsified his signature to inherit his fortune,” according to Radar Online.

The report claims that a “surprise” will was filed earlier this year in a New Mexico court that blindsided some of Patrick Swayze’s relatives.

Peggy Walla, a forensic document and handwriting examiner based in Texas, was asked by Radar Online to examine the validity of this “surprise” will, which was allegedly signed by the Road House actor on July 27, 2009. Walla compared the signature found on the will with three other signatures found on memorabilia that Patrick Swayze autographed. Based on her findings, Walla concluded that it was “highly unlikely” that the same person who autographed the examined memorabilia also signed the questionable will.

“It is highly unlikely that the same person signed the will. It just does not look like a natural signature. Whoever signed it tried to appear like they were sick.”


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NEW VIDEO: Police Officer Hears “God Bless You” And Loses it On Citizen!

Ct Patriot: The ever growing police state. Are all the good cops being replaced by these thin skinned Order followers? Why do they see us as the enemy? Don’t they work for us? Doesn’t everyone deserve some respect?

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Talking to police officers now an arrestable offense?


OCTOBER 29, 2014

Talking to, looking at, or even being pleasant and nice towards cops is now almost enough to get you beat up and thrown in jail judging by two recent examples out of Miami and Philadelphia.

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Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of and Prison

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HEALTH WARNING: Got Milk? Study Says Three Half Pints A Day Can Kill You!

Ct Patriot: Just wanted to put this out there for everyone…




Three glasses of milk a day linked to earlier death

Milk could be a danger to health and even increase the risk of dying prematurely, according to shocking new research.


October 29, 2014


Drinking a few half pint glasses of milk every day does nothing to lower the chance of suffering broken bones, the research says, and can make the risk of an early death more likely.

The study leaders say further research is needed before any dietary changes are recommended. But they fear the effects of high levels of lactose and galactose found in milk are to blame.

These sugars can increase oxidative stress and chronic inflammation in the body – both of which are major causes of a host of killer and chronic diseases.

The research was conducted at the department of surgical sciences at ­Uppsala University in Sweden.

images (1)Lead researcher Professor Karl Michaelsson said: “Our results may question the validity of recommendations to consume high amounts of milk to prevent fragility fractures.

“The results should, however, be interpreted cautiously given the observational design of our study.

“The findings merit independent ­replication before they can be used for dietary recommendations.”

Professor Mary Schooling, of New York’s City University, said the new ­findings certainly raised fears about the potential harm of milk.

She said: “As milk consumption may rise globally with economic development and increasing consumption of animal source foods, the role of milk and mortality needs to be established now.”

A diet rich in milk products is widely recommended to help reduce the likelihood of fractures linked to osteoporosis. But previous research into the importance of milk for the prevention of fractures and the influence on death rates showed conflicting results. The Swedish team set out to examine whether high milk intake may increase oxidative stress, which, in turn, affects mortality and fracture risks.

The research, published in the BMJ, looked at the diets and lifestyles of two large groups of men and women over a number of years.

In women, the study found no reduction in fracture risk with higher milk consumption. But those who drank more than three glasses of milk a day had a higher risk of death than women who drank less than one glass a day.

Men also had a higher risk of death with higher milk consumption but this was less pronounced than in women.

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