Helter Skelter 2015! Obama’s Behind Current Race War Says DHS Leak! VIDEO

Fotor01016224251Ct Patriot:Is any of this really a shock to anyone? Do we really need to go on about his associates like Bill Ayers, Rev. Wright, Frank Marshall Davis, Al Sharpton, Eric Holder, Valerie Jarrett, Michelle ”MIKE” Obama, Rohm Emanuel, etc. The same Barry Soetoro that sat in a black liberation theology church for 20 years hearing the racist teachings of Marcus Garvey. Have you ever seen this fraud of a president (ct birth certificate) ever not see an issue from the perspective of race? Or without his convoluted Marxist-anti colonialist-Fascistic-Islamic thought process? When has Barry ever put his super ego aside? When has he ever united and not divided? Get it now? Divide and conquer….get ready for helter skelter people. Obama has gotten his wish and financed it with our cash. Civil war 2.0

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Obama Green Lights Race War Says DHS Source

Joining the broadcast are government watchdogs Hagmann & Hagmann, who are releasing detayils about a government-brewed race war they received from a source within DHS

by Infowars.com

December 27, 2014

Monday, December 15, 2014

Obama’s Race War: The Narrative versus The Truth

By Douglas V. Gibbs

The race riots in Ferguson, New York City, or anywhere else the Trayvon Martin/Michael Brown/Eric Garner leftist lynch mob violence eruptions have taken place, are not about race.  The politicians want you to think it is all about race.  The power structure wants racial division to widen, for unrest to boil over, and anger to increase to the point where eventually the government will have to come in and take control.  For many of the demonstrators, the “No Justice, No Peace” demonstrations have been all about the opportunity to loot and pillage.  For the Democrat Party political crowd, it is all about the narrative.  The facts mean nothing.

images (18)Groups that are designated as “victims” are a tool for the Democrat Party to manipulate, and as trained by more than a century of progressivism, they know that they are innocent, even if proven guilty, and will not only be protected at all costs, but the Democrats will make sure to silence, and ultimately destroy, any perceived enemies of the “victims.”

The leftist, biased media, the education system, and the lawyers that have bought into the agenda, will do what they can to ensure the “victims” are protected, and seen in a good light, exploiting every possible piece of propaganda to promote the victim’s victim-hood, considering only anything that benefits the victimized group as being “justice” – the public safety be damned.

for the full article click here please

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