PROOF! Muslim Obama Shunned Paris Rally To Show Support For His Islamic Brothers! VIDEOS

Fotor01016224251Ct Patriot: So this is a surprise to the mass media? Probably the greatest sign of disrespect for one of the US oldest allies. Remember the Revolution? But Obama not going was also a great sign of respect. For Allah and Jihad. Barrack Hussein Obama is just showing support for his Muslim brothers. Or it is still not clear? This self proclaimed Mahdi is going about bringing his version of Islam to the world. The Islam of the Koran. Or as Obama is fond of saying “The Holy Koran”. Take a look around the world and see how Islam is growing and prospering under Barracks care and love for the “prophet” of the same Islam. Again, we have a Muslim in the White house.

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America snubs historic Paris rally: Holder was there but skipped out early, Kerry was in India, Obama and Biden just stayed home

  • German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu and British PM David Cameron were among dozens of world leaders there 
  • Neither President Obama or Vice President Joe Biden attended the historic event, though both of their public schedules were open 
  • Obama told the French on Friday that ‘the United States stands with you today, stands with you tomorrow’ – but he didn’t stand with them in Paris
  • US Attorney General Eric Holder was in Paris for a terrorism summit on the march’s sidelines, but was not seen at the march that followed
  • No cabinet secretaries or other senior officials attended, leaving only US Ambassador to France Jane Hartley as the top US official there

imagesPresident Barack Obama and other top members of his administration have snubbed a historic rally in Paris today that brought together more than 40 world leaders from Europe, Africa, the Middle East and even Russia.

‘France is our oldest ally,’ Obama said during a speech Friday in Tennessee. ‘I want the people of France to know that the United States stands with you today, stands with you tomorrow.’

But he wasn’t standing in Paris as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas put aside their differences and linked arms.

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko and Russian Foreign Affairs Minister Sergei Lavrov made the same unifying gesture in the march down the Place de la Concorde in defiance of the Islamist terror attacks that rocked the city last week.

According to an administration official, President Obama spent part of his Sunday afternoon watching a National Football League game on television. Both games were broadcast hours after the march.

Heads of state from every major European power, including British Prime Minister David Cameron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel, joined French President Francois Hollande.

But the U.S.A. was M.I.A.

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New York Daily News to Obama: ‘You let the world down’

January 12

President Obama was a no-show at the massive Paris rally on Sunday, and the New York Daily News summed up what many people thought as they watched the millions march without a single high-profile U.S. government official in sight.

Regardless of the staying power of this criticism, this cover captures this particular moment well as Obama and his administration once again find themselves having to explain the optics.


Obama Didn’t Go To Paris Because He’s A Jihadist Sympathizer

The fact that President Obama did not care to go to this march shows his core values

Okay, okay. I realize everyone is going to say, “How can Obama be a jihadist sympathizer if he kills all those terrorists with drones?” My response to that question is Obama kills them only when he thinks they will make him look bad. He doesn’t want his legacy tarnished with another terrorist attack on U.S. soil, even though we’ve had multiple attacks on the homeland during his watch.

Obama-muslim2Over the weekend, we saw close to four million people march in Paris in memory of the victims of last weeks tragic massacre. We saw leaders from countries around the world show their respect and solidarity with the French people. We sent our ambassador. Eric Holder was there and didn’t go. Why is that? The media around the globe have asked the same question. It was on every website and blog across the planet – “Where was Obama? Where was America?,” they asked.

images (1)The answer is because our president sympathizes with the agenda of these terrorists. Deep down inside he seethes with anger towards America. I think it goes further than that. He seethes with anger towards white people in general. This administration has fomented racism every chance it gets. Obama relates to the victimhood these Islamists feel. He can understand their anger because he feels it as well.


Ct Patriot: Do you still doubt this mans loyalties?

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