Obama’s Anti-Christian Military Purge: His Pentagons Orders Banned “The Name Of Jesus”! (VIDEOS)

Fotor01016224251Ct Patriot: I wonder if the traitor John McCain still thinks Obama is a good Christian man? Uh huh and I am the Pope, another anti-christian, but that is a post for another day. So here we were again or still however you decide to look at it. as our President is not only ignoring, but I believe backing his Islamic brothers in the Muslim Brotherhood through ISIS and other Islamic Jihadi movements. The man is about to bribe the stone aged government of Iran $50 billion of our tax dollars to help them build a nuclear weapon. Does Barack really believe he is the Mahdi? Is he convinced he is here to usher in the caliphate? to make sure the mullahs in Iran get the bomb? Not only to erase the other group he hates off the face of the Earth, The Jews of Israel. But this unstable leader of our nation can also usher in the Islamic 12th Iman, The Muslim anti-Christ to crush the cross for good. Sounds like a good christian man to me.

So it should come as no big surprise to any of us, especially for christian’s that Obama and the rest of his minions stay silent while hundreds of innocent christian’s are being beheaded by the modern day Muslim hoardes. A lot of these being murdered for the simple fact that they are christian also happen to be black. Alas, no race card being used here though. Just a deafening silence, some might even say a silent cheer. It seems every chance he get’s to attack Jesus and the bible he lets his true feelings about Christianity out. Its as if he cannot control himself.

images (6)And now we come to Barack’s Hilter like purging of our military, yes Hitler like. History is repeating itself again but this time it has a bi-racial face so no one seems to notice. What i want to ask the Muslim in the White house is has he ever bothered to look at the graves at the national cemetery? Has he seen the rows, and rows, and rows of crosses of the brave Christian men and some boys who died so we could have the freedom to elect a destroyer like him? Does it ever cross his or any other of his race pimp pals like Eric Holder or Al Sharpton, how many young white Christian men died fighting to end slavery in the civil war? What has Barack Obama ever fought for? Freebies? Socialism? Abortions?. But denies our vets simple healthcare, ironic?

But what we are seeing is not just Barack Obama’s hatred of Christ and his true followers that not doubt stems from his Muslim religion and communistic teachings as a child. Neither group seems to be a big fan of the Savior. And it is not only them, its the entertainment industry, big corporations, the educational system, the churches and even the scientific community itself has declared a war on Christ and Christians. So are we to remain silent? wait until the jihadi’s behead us? or our government removes us from society for our views? and to all the non-christians its only starting here eventually they will come after you as well.

check out what is below and comment and share….


URGENT: Navy Chaplain Ordered by Obama’s Pentagon Not to Do THIS When He Prays

Wesley Modder faces the end of a 19-year career as a Navy chaplain because of his religious tenants and faith-based views on human sexuality and marriage … and for ending his prayers with “in Jesus’ Name.”

Fox News reported that the allegation was included in “an 18-page letter written to the commander of Navy Region Southeast by Liberty Institute attorneys representing chaplain Wesley Modder.”

imagesLiberty Institute described itself as a law firm specializing in “religious liberty cases.”

The letter detailed on a point by point basis the results of Liberty Institute’s investigation of allegations brought against Modder by Captain John Fahs.

 The attorneys asserted that this decision could affect military chaplains everywhere, which is one reason they are strongly fighting for chaplain Modder’s religious rights.

The issue at hand: praying in the name of Jesus.

After Modder assumed chaplaincy responsibilities at the Naval training command, he was asked to deliver an invocation at a ceremony, Fox News reported.

As he was walking to the lectern, Fahs is alleged to have told him to deep-six the Jesus talk — “counsel that chaplain Modder accepted and with which he complied.”

For full Article click here please

Navy Chaplain Censored: ‘Don’t pray in the name of Jesus’

images (4)A Navy chaplain who faces the end of a stellar 19-year career because of his faith-based views on marriage and human sexuality was told by a base commander to refrain from offering a prayer in the name of Jesus, according to attorneys representing the chaplain.

That allegation was tucked away in an 18-page letter written to the commander of Navy Region Southeast by Liberty Institute attorneys representing Chaplain Wesley Modder. Liberty Institute is a law firm that specializes in religious liberty cases.

Liberty Institute asserts that Chaplain Modder’s fate could have a significant impact on every Christian military chaplain.

The letter included the results of Liberty Institute’s investigation of allegations levied against the chaplain by Captain John Fahs.

I’ll tackle that newest allegation later – but first here’s a recap of what I believe to be the LGBT-inspired witch hunt against Chaplain Modder:

Last December, an openly gay officer at the Naval Nuclear Power Training Command in South Carolina, took offense at Modder’s take on homosexuality. The chaplain, who is endorsed by the Assemblies of God, was accused of discrimination and failing to show tolerance and respect – among other things.

Just a few months earlier, Modder’s commander had called him the “best of the best” and a consummate professional leader.” But now he’s on the verge of being kicked out of the military.

For full article click here please

Christians Are Being Systematically Purged From The U.S. Military

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