Questions: Was The SC Church Shooter Dylann Roof Coerced? Drugged? A Crisis For Obama’s UN Gun Control? (VIDEOS)

Fotor01016224251Ct Patriot: First my thoughts and prayers go out to the family’s of those 9 murdered at the Emanuel AME Church in Charleston SC. No one should be murdered like that especially during worship.

Good job to the police for catching this psychopath quickly. I just wonder if the church goers were armed under the second amendment that maybe the loss of life could have been reduced or even prevented.

Now this brings me around to Dylann Roof. Yet another one of these lone gunmen, hopped up on psyco-tropic drugs. Another real weirdo who commits a mass killing. But as always the official story seems to have some holes in it. Like being able to reload 5 times? No one tried to rush him and take him down? And whats up with his facebook? seemingly photo shopped  patches on his jacket? lots of black facebook friends, strange for such a racist. And also why this church? Such a famous respected church. President Obama has said he knew people who attended that church, and were murdered that day.

22222I understand maybe it is too soon?  But gosh darn if this doesn’t happen at just the right time and just the right place to give more passion to Obama and his cries for gun control. You see the American citizen will not bend over and allow the UN to impose their nazi style gun control in America. Which is what the globalists like Obama and Kerry want. No Borders. UN Control, Agenda 21.  They know without disarming the American people it wont happen, so….

We have already seen children at Sandy Hook used for this purpose. We still do not know what happened there. Same with 9-11. We have seen Thug Mike Brown become a martyr, the police attacked by racist rage fueled by the White house. And now we have this another mass killing with more questions than answers.

But the one thing I see as the common denominator in all of these instances is the socialist-liberal-facist lust to control, to remove the 2nd amendment from the nation. Remember people ” Never let a crisis go to waste”. Would you trust anything Obama and his America hating minions tell you? I predicted years ago Obama wanted a Race War and its here… Didn’t take a genius to see this a coming!

Just a question though? what will stop them after they take the guns?


Black Pastor Convinced Charleston Shooter Coerced

Questions arise over shooter’s background


June 18, 2015

Alex Jones talks with Reverend Clenard Childress about the Charleston SC church shooting and what he believes about the shooter.

False Flag? Dylann Roof’s Barely-Used Facebook Page Likely Created in 2015

Roof only has around 80 Facebook friends, many African-American and all added in 2015

by Kit Daniels

June 18, 2015

The reported Facebook profile for Dylann Roof, the suspect in the Charleston, S.C., church massacre, was barely used and apparently created earlier this year, strangely enough.


Unlike the vast majority of Facebook users, Roof only had around 80 friends who were all added in 2015 and he apparently didn’t bother to upload a banner image, meaning that Roof – or whoever ran the account – put the bare minimum of effort into the profile.

Roof’s Facebook friends, all of whom were added in 2015.

In comparison, Facebook users between the ages of 18-24 have on average about 650 friends, meaning that the 21-year-old Roof was well below average.

1232223 And, oddly enough, Roof’s only Facebook image available to the public shows him scowling while wearing Rhodesia and apartheid-era South Africa flags and the image was uploaded on May 21, indicating that the account wasn’t randomly created by someone else after the church shooting.

For full article click here please

SC Charleston Church Alleged Shooting: Racial Narrative Accompanies False Reality Events

Please note: That a government contrived propaganda / violence event can be fake or real. Theatrical blood or real blood. Crisis actors can be controlled “contributors.” They can be mesmerized via drugs and other means to carry out staged events. 

Also – think, “patsy.” This author recalls when he was a little boy. He was an arsonist patsy for another (older) child who gave him the matches. The “mission possible” was to get rid of the straw bale fort which was used by other children, of which I was forbidden to be a part. [I had all the motive in the world to destroy that, with which I was excluded]  I will never forget being discovered by my father. Instinctively, he sought me out, knowing that I had set the fire and caused the Fire Department to come to rescue the nearby car and garage, by hosing the fire.


ejejeOne of the latest (believed by this Moralmatters author) to be a false reality event, is the SC Charleston alleged murders of 9 people at the reported historic black Emanuel AME Church. Please note (below) some (“over-kill” – no pun intended) mainstream media headline news which appeared very quickly (within hours after the reported event):

Note how the “race” element is immediately introduced into the mainstream media narrative:

Pastor, 8 others fatally shot at church in Charleston, SC –

122112CHARLESTON, S.C. (AP) — A white man opened fire during a prayer meeting inside a historic black church in downtown Charleston, killing nine people, including the pastor, in an assault authorities described as a hate crime……” –

for full article click here please


Hey America Who Is Crazier? Bruce “Caitlyn” Jenner, Barack Obama Or You? (VIDEO)

Fotor01016224251Ct Patriot: America 2015: When the abnormal is now normal and normal is now considered abnormal. Let us take a look at our country today where everything seems upside down. We finance and supply our enemy in ISIS. Our government supports illegal immigration but treats its citizens like criminals. Traitors, terrorist and race pimps visit the white house daily, but returning veterans are a problem. Law breakers like Mike Brown are treated like the messiah but lawful gun owners are despised by the anti 2nd amendment agenda. Our leaders are once again selling out the American worker with illegal back door trade deals yes giving little girls tickets for not having a permit for a lemon aide sale…..

thbatmanSo that brings me to the freak of the week, Bruce “Caitlyn” Jenner, Umm This man was once an American hero, an Olympic Gold metal winner. Now after years of being with the satanic Kardashian family it seems ole Bruce wants to be a woman. Caitlyn Jenner to be precise. But let me ask you this?  What if ole Bruce decided he wants to be say…. Batman?  What if his whole life growing up he secretly always wanted to be Batman the dark knight? What if he dressed up in his Batman costume secretly when alone? Then one day he decides he wants to be Batman all the time? To wear his costume and fight crime? Now even if Bruce were a younger man unlike now a man in his 70’s you would I hope think this is a pretty insane idea. A 70 yo Batman?  It would seem so. But not in the new abnormal America. You want to be Batman? go right ahead. You want to be a woman? go right ahead. You want to follow the Constitution??? Your Insane and dangerous.

thCA32I1RZI honestly feel bad for Bruce Jenner. Something seriously wrong must have happened to him. He hates himself to the point he has to change his gender? There is a lot going on in this man’s head. But in the new abnormal USA he is getting called courageous. Courageous?  C’mon now, Its Bat Shit Crazy! but do not take my word for it see below for what a former psychiatrist in chief for Johns Hopkins Hospital has to say about it. I give Bruce 5 years at most before his demons hes running from catch back up with him. But that is the new normal. Insanity.

Now speaking of Mental Illness, why is it more people are not questioning the sanity of our President? Barack Insane Obama. This man is clearly not of right mind. I am not a psychiatrist but i really do not think you need to be to see the ever creeping madness taking over in his second term. He was able to hide it from the sheeple to get elected twice. Now not having to run for another election the straight jacket has been removed. I have been saying since day one of seeing Obama back in 2006 that he is a pathological narcissist with delusions of messianic proportions. Now it seems at least some are starting to echo my thoughts. There are so many examples of this insanity it would take a book to write them all down. I am sure you have seen a few examples if your honest with your self even if still a supporter of his. So we have a Madman in charge in the new abnormal America.

thCARV5K8FBut now I have to ask you the American people? Have you lost your damn minds as well?? Are you going to go along to get along with the new abnormal America? Will we let the freaks that scream the loudest bully us into submission to their lunacy? Will we not rise and stand against the Madness in Washington? In the White House? Are we really more concerned about Bruce Jenner than Our President? Has the time really arrived where mental illness is rewarded and hard work is not? Welcome to the Abnormal States of America.

It is summer 2015 the ASA and as the nation is hypnotized by a man in a dress, The Madman in the White House, the new emperor fiddles while our nation burns….


Former Johns Hopkins chief of psychiatry: Being transgender is a ‘mental disorder . . . biologically impossible’

June 3, 2015 by

The former psychiatrist in chief for Johns Hopkins Hospital is pouring rain on the Bruce Jenner “Call Me Caitlyn” parade that’s sure to have the former Olympic athlete’s cheerleaders steaming.

thCAAQ7AV7Not only does Dr. Paul R. McHugh consider changing sexes “biologically impossible,” he thinks being what is popularly called “transgender” these days is actually a “mental disorder.”

McHugh, who has authored six books and at least 125 peer-reviewed medical journal articles, made the statements in a piece he penned for the Wall Street Journal that argued surgery is not the solution for patients who want to live life as the opposite sex.

Such people, he wrote, suffer from a “disorder of assumption” in believing they can choose their sex.

He also cited a study that said transgendered people who have reassignment surgery are 20 times more likely to commit suicide than non-transgendered people, according to CNS News.

While the Obama administration, Hollywood and major media such as Time magazine promote transgenderism as “normal,” McHugh wrote, said Dr. McHugh, these “policy makers and the media are doing no favors either to the public or the transgendered by treating their confusions as a right in need of defending rather than as a mental disorder that deserves understanding, treatment and prevention.”

“This intensely felt sense of being transgendered constitutes a mental disorder in two respects. The first is that the idea of sex misalignment is simply mistaken – it does not correspond with physical reality,” McHugh wrote. “The second is that it can lead to grim psychological outcomes.”

The transgendered person’s disorder, said Dr. McHugh, is in the person’s “assumption” that they are different than the physical reality of their body, their maleness or femaleness, as assigned by nature. It is a disorder similar to a “dangerously thin” person suffering anorexia who looks in the mirror and thinks they are “overweight,” said McHugh.

thCAHPZFYIThis assumption, that one’s gender is only in the mind regardless of anatomical reality, has led some transgendered people to push for social acceptance and affirmation of their own subjective “personal truth,” said Dr. McHugh. As a result, some states – California, New Jersey, and Massachusetts – have passed laws barring psychiatrists, “even with parental permission, from striving to restore natural gender feelings to a transgender minor,” he said.

The pro-transgender advocates do not want to know, said McHugh, that studies show between 70% and 80% of children who express transgender feelings “spontaneously lose those feelings” over time. Also, for those who had sexual reassignment surgery, most said they were “satisfied” with the operation “but their subsequent psycho-social adjustments were no better than those who didn’t have the surgery.”

“And so at Hopkins we stopped doing sex-reassignment surgery, since producing a ‘satisfied’ but still troubled patient seemed an inadequate reason for surgically amputating normal organs,” said Dr. McHugh.

Read more:


Psychiatrist’s Shocking Analysis Of Obama’s Madness

Psychiatrist and Fox News Medical A-Team member Keith Ablow engaged in some psychoanalysis of Obama on Fox & Friends. He said that Obama sees himself as the “victim-in-chief” and is attempting to share that victimhood with the nation.

Psychiatrist and Fox News Medical A-Team member Keith Ablow engaged in some psychoanalysis of Obama on Wednesday’s Fox & Friends. He said that Obama sees himself as the “victim-in-chief” and is attempting to share that victimhood with the nation. Steve Doocy began by asking Ablow to examine Obama’s recent rhetorical attacks on conservative members of Congress.

Is Barack Obama Mentally Unstable?

Daniel Noe

April 15, 2013

(Editor’s note: The following article has been endorsed by Israeli psychiatrist Dr. Sam Vaknin, the world’s leading expert on Narcissistic Personality Disorder and the author of “Malignant Self Love.”)

thCA99621PWho is Barack Hussein Obama, the man in the White House? Without a doubt, Obama is the most unvetted, unaccomplished, unqualified person to ever to occupy the Oval Office in American history. Do we even know for sure that Obama mentally stable? Dr. Sam Vaknin, the world’s leading expert on narcissism and the author of “Malignant Self Love ,” has said that “Obama’s language, posture, and demeanor and the testimonies of his closest, dearest and nearest suggest that Obama is a narcissist or he may have Narcissistic Personality Disorder.” Narcissists have a grandiose, inflated, messiah like self image and cannot stand to be criticized. Obama’s Christ like view of himself is very clearly revealed in his Democratic nomination victory speech in St. Paul, Minnesota on thCAQHVHH6June 3, 2008 in which he tells a worshipping audience, “This was the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal.” Clearly, this is a delusional statement. At the end of Barack’s Super Tuesday speech in Chicago on February 5, 2008 Obama makes another ludicrous and insane pronouncement telling his followers “We are the ones that we have been waiting for.” This is narcissistic double speak; in translation what Obama is really saying is, “I am the one the world has been waiting for.”

Why is so much of Obama’s past shrouded in secrecy and why is there such a plethora of unanswered questions about Barack. For instance:

1) Why are all of Obama’s college records sealed?

for full article click here please

Garrow: Obama Is ‘Mentally Ill’ & Preparing To Implement Martial Law

thCAAB02X0Right-wing activist/con artist Jim Garrow warned this week that President Obama is about to implement martial law. Garrow told Agenda 21 Radio host Paul Preston that Obama is bent on “wreaking havoc” across America and “is on the edge of being mentally ill,” while agreeing with Preston’s claim that “martial law in America” is on the horizon.

Garrow: I see him as being a fifth column, that body or group of people that come in and their whole idea is to wreak havoc everywhere they turn. Obviously, that’s exactly what’s happened with everything this president is doing. He’s wreaking havoc, destroying the constitution and the rule of law. He has to be stopped.

Preston: Do you think the prospect of martial law in America is a real prospect?

Garrow: Yes it is. That’s what a spoiled brat, a petulant child will do: throw tantrums. They’ll always go and the pendulum will swing all the way in another direction with them, there’s no common ground, there’s no stability and that’s what we see with this man, he’s not a stable person, psychologically stable or whatever. I believe he is on the edge of being mentally ill.

Garrow also informed Preston that his suspicions about Obama trying to “bring in a police state” and “literally take over the United States almost Nazi style” are indeed true.

for full article click here please


Pro Gun “Wedding Crasher” Vince Vaughn “Protect Our Kids!” Calls For Guns In Schools. (VIDEOS)

Fotor01016224251Ct Patriot: Good job Vince Vaughn, it takes a lot of courage to stand up against the liberal maniacs whom control Hollywood and most of our government these days. He will probably be blackballed for a while unless he retracts and apologizes. Or his career could be over. So that is the liberal idea of freedom of speech. As long as you agree with the liberal insanity you can say what ever you damn well please. But if you dare to disagree or have free will, you will be crushed. Your career over. So you are free to say what ever you want in the liberal utopia, your just going to suffer for it. Like I am sure Vince is finding out very quickly.

Now to my second point. Why is Vince being labeled a conservative? Why is it every time a person uses common sense that they are labeled a conservative? to degrade them among the elite pseudo intellectual progressive community? once a liberal hears the word conservative their brains shut down by reflex. It does not matter what the person is saying. How logical or common sense what they are saying is. It does not matter how right what the person is saying. Because to a liberal-progressive anything a “conservative” says is an discussion stopper. It is right to the mocking and insults to hide the fact they have no point other than their indoctrination.

So what does conservative- liberal mean?  Honestly who gives a flying ….How about we just use common sense and leave the labels to the liberals. I am an American. period. Take you label and shove it!

download (1)


Actor says guns should be allowed in schools to stop mass shootings


JUNE 1, 2015

Actor Vince Vaughn hit the headlines today for asserting that guns in schools will prevent mass shootings, comments that will undoubtedly lead to him being shunned by Hollywood, an industry which punishes conservatives who don’t keep their political leanings secret.

downloadDuring an interview with GQ Magazine, Vaughn was asked if firearms should be available in schools to prevent mass shootings.

“Of course. You think the politicians that run my country and your country don’t have guns in the schools their kids go to? They do,” he responded, adding, “It’s well known that the greatest defense against an intruder is the sound of a gun hammer being pulled back.”

The actor went on to express more pro-second amendment views;

“And we should be allowed the same rights. Banning guns is like banning forks in an attempt to stop making people fat. Taking away guns, drugs, booze … It won’t rid the world of criminality.”

Vaughn explained that the right to bear arms was not about burglars or hunting, but to, “resist the supreme power of a corrupt and abusive government.”

“It’s not about duck hunting, it’s about the ability of the individual. It’s the same reason we have freedom of speech,” said Vaughn.

In the days to come, dozens of liberal media outlets are certain to go after Vaughn for daring to stand up for constitutional rights.

imagesThe actor’s political views are no secret. He has appeared at numerous libertarian events and supported Republican candidate Ron Paul during his 2008 and 2012 presidential campaigns.

However, the huge publicity generated by his comments (the story almost immediately began trending on Twitter), will send a clear signal to the liberal mafia that runs Hollywood and Vaughn’s opportunities will be heavily restricted from now on.

Conservatives in Hollywood are so heavily discriminated against that they are forced to go underground and even have secret meetings. Not identifying as a liberal in the movie industry is a potential career killer.

“In LA, there is a secret, underground group of showbiz conservatives,” Victoria Jackson, a former Saturday Night Live cast member, told the Huffington Post. “It started with two people in 2000. I was at the fifth or tenth meeting, and now there are over 2,000 people. The only ones out of the closet are Jon Voight and Pat Boone. There are famous people in there, but they don’t want to lose their career — and conservatives are blacklisted.”

The inherent bias against anyone who dares to deviate from the Democrat orthodoxy virtually ended the career of James Woods, who in 2013 said he never expected to work again as a result of his vocal criticism of Barack Obama.

download (3)Back in April, liberal reporter Krishnan Guru-Murthy also tried to “conservative shame” Robert Downey Jr. by repeatedly asking him if he was a liberal (Downey Jr. is widely suspected to lean conservative/libertarian).

The interview blew up in Guru-Murthy’s face, but it exemplified once again how movie stars who don’t swear allegiance to leftist dogma are targeted and in some cases blacklisted altogether.

Given his comments, it will be interesting to see whether Vince Vaughn’s career hits the rocks as a result of the clear vendetta Hollywood has against conservatives who refuse to stay silent.

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Vince Vaughn wants all American schools protected with firearms

June 01, 2015

images (1)“It’s well known that the greatest defense against an intruder is the sound of a gun hammer being pulled back.”

That’s one of the statements actor Vince Vaughn makes in in a wide-ranging interview to the UK edition of GQ magazine that includes his views about the rights of Americans to carry firearms.

“I support people having a gun in public full stop, not just in your home. We don’t have the right to bear arms because of burglars,” he said. “We have the right to bear arms to resist the supreme power of a corrupt and abusive government. It’s not about duck hunting, it’s about the ability of the individual.

“It’s the same reason we have freedom of speech,” he added.

But Vaughn, 45, wasn’t done. He said he also wanted American schools to have firearms to protect their students.

for full article and video click here please

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