We the People…. In Order to Save our Union… Must Join the Fight for Freedom!

Join the Ct Patriot and the Fight For Freedom!







180430_196866957006597_5815733_nUPDATE:  OK, I’m not quite sure where to start, so I’ll just start. I’m now a single father of 3 beautiful girls . Each of whom special in their very own way. I’m Divorced and luckily still have a job in this economy ( depression ) . I’ m one of those whose house is underwater, worth half what it was. I Have applied and been accepted to HAMP, but its still a lot for a single father with a lot of child support to try to pay. I never miss a day at work, Have had the same Job Manufacturing in CT for over 20 years .

Oh I also don’t have health insurance, I did before divorce but no longer. I’m barely surviving as it is so i don’t see being forced onto Obama Care doing anything but making me broker. And to add insult to injury i’m being foreclosed on by Fanny Mae, Funny how the Government forced all the big mortgage companies to do principal reduction.

But Ooop’s not Fanny and Freddie. Was I the one who said what my house was worth? or was it their bank appraisers? Don’t worry take out a higher interest loan, Values will just keep going up.  That’s what they sold us on…..


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I could go on and on about me… but its not just me is it?


So I have decided to create this site to hopefully get across the point that we live in a world run by a few select elites. who control our governments, our religions, our banks, our food and water. They have established control of almost every aspect of our lives. Hoping to get you to join the fight for freedom!


Now just to make it clear. I do not follow any political party. I am for sure not a Democrat, But I’m also not a Republican. Both parties have the same endgame. They use the fake paradigym of left vs right, just like professional wrestling. We need to look past whats right in front of our faces. we nee to see the truth. Its them against us, and we do outnumber them.




Tell me which one of you doesn’t see something wrong?  from the economy , the wars, the debt, the lies, the destruction of the dollar and the american way of life, the slow kill weapons, etc….. well that’s what this site is for .


Lets all Join The Fight For Freedom!




Why are we Shitting on this???

Why are we Shitting on this???



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    Marcus Ruiz Evans outlines how the state could become an
    independent republic and a global incubator of art, science and
    commerce in “California’s Next Century”

    (PR NewsChannel) / June 12, 2012 / FRESNO, Calif. / In
    “California’s Next Century” (ISBN 1475186029), Marcus Ruiz Evans
    offers a radical proposal for remaking California. For more than
    a century, California has been a trailblazer for America and the
    world alike. Its innovative residents have pushed forth
    cutting-edge developments in commerce, technology, art and
    lifestyle design. As an overhaul, Evans suggests that California
    embrace its unique global role and form itself as an independent
    republic, uniquely poised to become the Switzerland of the 21st
    century, a global nerve center of international diplomacy,
    technology and finance.
    A lifelong Golden State resident, Evans draws on his own
    engagement with the state’s culture to develop the proposals he
    outlines in “California’s Next Century.” To understand why
    California should take on this role, he revisits the history of
    19th and early 20th century Switzerland, when Geneva served as a
    neutral global meeting place for international negotiations.
    Consequently, it reigned as a cosmopolitan parlor for passionate
    exchanges about the latest developments in technology, art and
    commerce. Over the course of the 20th century, Switzerland would
    lose this role to other forums such as the United States-backed
    United Nations, which many developing nations and global powers
    came to see as unfair.
    “The world needs a new negotiation and talk nexus to serve the
    role that Switzerland did in the last century,” Evans says. “But
    in this next century.”
    In his book, Evans fills in the details of his radical proposal,
    analyzing why California would want this role and how it could
    assume it. Far from a crank idea, this is a scholarly analysis
    that seriously considers the need for a global diplomatic center.
    It illustrates how California and the United States could benefit
    from this new arrangement. “California’s Next Century” is a
    serious and lively book that will be appreciated by California
    residents and the world’s many lovers of the state who appreciate
    its openness to diversity and its unique ability to capitalize on
    the talents, passions and skills of a global array of dream
    “California’s Next Century” is available for sale online at
    Amazon.com and other channels.
    About the Author: Marcus Ruiz Evans has lived in California his
    whole life, from the Central Valley and the Inland Empire, to Los
    Angeles and San Francisco. Having worked in the trade of global
    goods and served in government, he has seen through both his
    travels and career how other cultures value California’s distinct
    qualities. Of mixed Latino, Anglo and Native American heritage,
    Evans has experienced the state’s diversity in his own life, even
    pledging an Asian fraternity while attending a University of
    California school.
    Marcus Ruiz Evans
    E-mail: marcus.ruiz.evans@gmail.com
    Website: http://www.californiasnextcentury.com
    The views and opinions expressed in this press release do not
    necessarily represent the views and opinions of CreateSpace or
    its affiliates
    Direct link:
    SOURCE: Marcus Ruiz Evans

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    This press release is distributed by PR NewsChannel. Your News.


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  5. So when did the government start to care so much. Thousand of starving people but yeah i guess they care. The healthcare will not fix any of our problems and add so much more. Lets push universal healthcare when we can’t pay the bills we have already accrued. They hide radiation levels in our soil and vegetation. Let large companies add harmful chemicals to our food just to make a dollar. The President if you can actually call him that. Rams through legislation, breaks promises, and starts wars. Government in one can be summed up. Crooked. If you have proof to say other wise then please contact me i would love to see it. My proof is world wide, and seen everyday.

    Freedom Writer,
    No Bull Sh*t Here


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  7. Many worldwide political analysts say on the Chinese attitude toward North Korea that first China does not want NK fails because China does not want US troops standing along Yalu River against China, and second millions refugees from NK moving into China if NK collapses.
    I feel there are more important reason for Chinese behavior about NK. In my opinion, China wishes more than that. China wishes NK occupies Korea, because then China will have much stronger presence in Japan Ocean, South Korea’s technology and sophisticated world trade capabilities, and reduce American influence in Asia by more than half. I think these gains are much more potent than just keeping NK alive to keep US forces from Yalu River.


  8. All I have to say is here “http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d1rGw2OfQ_E” NOT trying to sell anything.

    Stop the talking and lets do something, right now.


  9. learning Disabloed Woman Repeaedley tortured in Dearborn Mi–
    By GangStalkers-The Dearborn City hall and the Dearborn Police and Fire Personnel all three of these /which all three are connected / are DIRECTLEY involved in the Repeaeded torture of this Learning Disabled Woman-I heard this woman has had proof real proof stolen from her on so many occassions it almost cannot be counted on hands and toe’s-she still has proof-they just created homelessness of her again deliberatley in Dearborn to eventually expolit the Homelessness to contain her to conceal this crime-American Citizens if you knew the thruth about this crime-its almost unconstionable-and Dearborn will outsource this woman into the system probably in a other county as adeflection tool so her probable evntaul demise at teh hands of manuverd GangStalking her death wont tie back to Dearborn-American Citizens she’s a WHistle Blower and the tortured her for it-Readedley-its now winter and theat is why they created the homelessness so when they orchestrate the”Stumbling across her”they can say she is not able to adadquatley take care of herself-THey created the Homelessness in order to acheive this-she has proof-so how long will this crime continue-Understand this fellow citizens it will go on until the real right people who are’nt a arm of these GangStalking Syndacites intervene and the Target people who help GangStalking Targets
    Ill repost again soon


  10. are you guys stupid, its alot better to have heath care thats free, in australia i break an arm i get free hospital, its not no new world order, hes helping the poor, its like robin hood take from the rich and give to the poor, but america is screwed because of people like you “ctpatriot”


    • keep you head under the sand…. nothing is free stupid..esp from the government…medicare was suppossed to cost 12 bil according to the government but its well over 100bil in real life… oh BTW Stupid , even howard dean said its all for the insurance companies , who are owned by the banks… wake up dummy… the same banks that stole 23 trillion last year with help of the federal reserve which is a Private company… non auditable . As far as the New world order , every one from Obama to Bush to Rockefeller to the head of the UN to Gary Brown etc. all said we need a new Global Government …. i dont have the time to educate such lemmings like you… and One more thing Stupid who keeps the Poor, POOR? Think About it… they use the 3rd world as slave Labor and have us finance it to keep those people Poor, Now they want to bring us DOWN to Thier level …While the Elite get Richer and more Powereful… Its not about Helping anyone its all about Control


    • Chris,now that America has fallen to the new world order there is no one left to stand up to tyrany.We have even abandoned Isreal ,now that we no longer honor Isreal, God will no longer honor us. Free healthcare comes on the back of the productive.What happens when there are more people in the cart than are pushing it?Do you think I’m going to keep busting my ass so I can have the same lousy”free” healthcare that some bum who doesnt work has.I’ll lay around too and then who is pushing the cart?


  11. I am a newbe and not want to be in this blog thing, but I just needed to get my two cents in.
    It appears as if the Jewish financier Mayor of New York is willing to embrace backward economic thinking and genocidal policy (not nice for the once such persecuted) in his irrational personal war on smoking. I want you to study hard the meanings, implications, and results of his policies toward tobacco which I think can be shown to be genocidal. His decision to ban flavored tobacco products from the New York market makes an exception to menthol as if it were not a flavor. Beyond championing acceptance of ever increasing regressive taxation on the poorest of New York’s citizens, and beyond supporting discrimination and bigotry in housing and employment decisions, he thinks it even more important to keep the supposed health benefits of quitting smoking from being equally distributed on the basis of race and gender. Clearly the majority of smokers of mentholated cigarettes are Blacks and Women. To exempt menthol from being considered as a flavor from a law supposed to discourage children from smoking by eliminating flavored tobacco products clearly says that increased smoking among Black youth and women and increased health problems among Blacks and Women are desired results. Other than the Mayor’s desire to see more Blacks and Women suffer the ill effects from smoking, what other interpretation of his policy is possible?
    This desire to do harm to the health of minority communities is camouflaged by the myth that flavored tobacco products cause children to smoke. Firstly, retailers don’t sell to minors anymore than they do in the case of liquor. If this was truly a concern for the Mayor he would, in the attempt to keep children from becoming drinkers, ban mixers, soda, and any other flavorings from being added to alcoholic beverages. Consistency demands that orange juice and daiquiri mix be banned from bars and that in fact only Pure Grain Alcohol straight up should be legal.
    Given that Blacks, Women, and those in the lower socioeconomic strata make up the majority of cigarette smokers, smoking becomes a handy proxy variable that allows one to conceal discrimination on the basis of race and gender and pretend that the discrimination results from the desire to see better health among the targets of such bigotry. (Rather like the Eugenics movement in America in the 1920’s)
    As further proof of the real lack of concern for the health of these minority groups or, for that matter, any other segment of the smoking population the Mayor has taken no action to prohibit the sale of anti smoking drugs and preparations which have not been scientifically tested and which have been shown to carry additional heart attack risks. This disregard for life is further illustrated in his taxation policy which persists in raising taxes even with fifty years of history, many internal governmental reports and reports from research institutes like Brookings and CATO showing that beyond being regressive, abnormally high cigarette taxes inevitably leads to crime and black-market activities. Truck hijackings and killings over the profits to be made in contraband cigarettes are truly the most avoidable of all smoking related deaths. Despite being known as great financier it seems that the Mayor does not understand that with each increase in taxes and each new smoking prohibition the total revenues raised by tobacco taxes will decrease.
    Smokers have come to bear the brunt of unconstitutional punitive taxation, and have become a target of politically acceptable discrimination. The ALCU defend the rights of all kinds of perverted justice and yet will not come to the aid of 20% of the adult smoking population who face open discrimination in employment, and housing because they smoke. Based upon a fraud about the effects of second hand smoke (which brought an end to even a semblance of civil rights guarantees for the smoker), not only did the choice of smoker or non smoker sections vanish, but the smoker is exiled from the interior or even from being so many feet from an entrance of a building. It would be humorous were it not true that in one of the most polluted and nasty smelling cities in the country the smoker is being barred from smoking outside in public parks.
    Tobacco has been demonized and utilized as a proxy license and release for internal hate and prejudice. It is a legal product which has lost its constitutional rights of protection of marketing and commerce, taxation with representation, protections against punitive taxation, free speech (no advertising or pro vs. con debates held on public air waves) and private property rights as evidenced by prohibitions against smoking allowed restaurants. It is a product where no developments toward product safety could occur because any claim of safer was an admission that the proceeding product was unsafe, making law suits rather than market demand the driver of technology. The fact that cigarettes come in a package without an ingredient label should be of far greater concern than what natural flavorings are added to cigar and pipe tobaccos or even more the concern over how this slight oversight by Congress came to pass, but these are not concerns of policies bent on genocide.
    All smokers want are the same sets of rights afforded to other life style choices; such as those made by fat people, drug addicts, sexual predators, foreign terrorists, transvestites, cross-dressers, homosexuals, transsexuals, and any other deviant behavior as defined by someone else’s holier than thou eyes.


  12. I can no longer read certain passages in the Bible, they seem to real and it feels as though they are happening in our lifetime. this is a wakeup call America. Obama is going for one world currency and one world leader. The new beginning of the certain end. He will first destroy the country from the inside as he is doing with the Senate. As he and Reid force a reconciliation vote on Health Care, they will destroy our Senate. This appears to be part of Obama’s plan. As the other world economies cave like Domino’s his table will be set for the creation of a single currency. The rest is all written….and it’s happening on our lifetime!


    • Give me a break dude! I hope you were bitching like this when Bush got us into this mess! Otherwise you are just a fox news watching jackass! You can go ahead and pay through your ass for healthcare, I’ll be laughing while my costs go down! You crazy fucking conservatives and your conspiracy theories… Do some real research and don’t just listen to what the talking heads on fox news tell you! Until then stay miserable!


      • Whoa, dude! Did somebody rattle your cage? The language you use speaks volumns about your intelligence and ability to express yourself. It would serve you well to listen to Fox News, as well as CNN, ABC, CBS….all of them, and come out with a researched opinion….not just grabbing the superficial aspects of the above mentioned issues. Surely you must know that not just “one” person (Bush) created this “mess”. It has been a well thought-out process that has been going on for years and it wasn’t addressed by the American people….It was just easier to ignore. Now the domino-effect has started and things are coming to fruition. I think that you are the one with your head in the sand….


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    • I feel exactly the same. We are headed down a scary path.


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