10 Thugs Harass Boxer’s Wife, Watch Them Get Knocked The F Out! (GRAPHIC VIDEO)

Ct Patriot: Love seeing videos like this. About time the thugs get it back.

download (2)

He Was Outnumbered as Group of ‘at Least 10’ Men Allegedly Harassed His Wife Outside Bar — There’s No Way They Expected It to Go Like This

HOAX? Jasmine Tridevil’s Third Breast A Fake? Strap On Boobs? (POLICE REPORT)

Ct Patriot: What is the world coming to when you cant trust a three-breasted woman?


Three-breasted Florida woman Jasmine Tridevil insists third boob is real, but police report shows she once lost ‘prosthesis’

Tridevil, who hopes to land a show on MTV, says a film crew recorded her $20,000 procedure adding a breast to her body. ‘This is not fake,’ she insisted. But a police report shows she once lost ‘a 3 breast prosthesis’ in stolen luggage.

September 23, 2014

download (9)A 21-year-old Florida woman who claimed she had plastic surgery to place a third boob on her rack claims said she’s no hoaxer.

But an incident report filed with the Tampa International Airport Police Department shows that she was carrying ‘a 3 breast prosthesis’ in luggage stolen from her in early September.

“This is not a fake,” Jasmine Tridevil told the Sun in an interview posted Tuesday. “I had the procedure done. If people don’t believe it, that’s up to them.”

The publicity-hungry Tridevil, who hopes to land a show on MTV, told the British newspaper that a film crew recorded her $20,000 procedure.

The massage therapist claims to have seen at least 50 doctors before finding one who would perform the procedure.

“I plan to release it on my reality TV show and I don’t really care what people think or say about me,” she told the Sun. “I know what I have done. As I say, this is not a fake or a hoax.”

Since Tridevil has failed to provide any real proof, many are skeptical about her wild claim, straight out of the 1990 Arnold Schwarzenegger cult favorite “Total Recall.”

She did give a Tampa TV station “a quick flash,” but wouldn’t show more because “I’m not ready to do that right now because it’s in episode six of my show.”

download (10)“Well, I am crazy,” she told the “The News Junkie” show. “Crazy people don’t know they are crazy, so technically since I know I’m crazy I’m not crazy.”

Police said the three-boob device was spotted after Tridevil’s luggage was stolen off an American Airlines conveyor belt. When cops caught the suspects after identifying them on surveillance footage, investigators listed the prosthesis with Tridevil’s belongings before they were returned.


Here is the police report of the prosthesis.





Watch As Mike Tyson React’s To “Rapist” Comment On Live TV. (GRAPHIC VIDEO)

Mike Tyson curses out reporter on live TV about his rape conviction

The question came a day after Tyson met with Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, and he was questioned whether the rape conviction would hurt Ford’s chances of running for re-election. Tyson proceeded to go on a curse-laced rant, calling reporter a “rat piece of s—.”

September 10, 2014


Mike Tyson went on a Rob Ford-like rant Wednesday, cursing out a reporter who asked if his rape conviction would hurt the Toronto mayor’s chances of re-election.

A day after Tyson met with the equally wacky mayor, who is running for re-election after boasting that he’s used “every drug you can probably think of,” CP24 news anchor Nathan Downer hit a nerve.images (7)

“Some of your critics would say, ‘There’s a race for mayor. We know you’re a convicted rapist. This could hurt his campaign.’ How would you respond to that?” Downer asked Tyson, according to a video posted to Deadspin.

The former heavyweight champion flipped his lid and went on a cursing spree.

“It’s so interesting, you come off like a nice guy,” said Tyson. “But that was really a piece of s—, that comment. F— you. That was a piece of s—.”

Downer attempted to salvage the interview by reminding Tyson they were on live TV.

“I don’t care. What are you going to do about it?” replied Tyson, who was in town for a performance of his one-man show, “Mike Tyson: Undisputed Truth.”

“It’s more nerve-racking for me to sit here talking to a rat piece of s— like you,” he continued in his rant.


Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/sports/more-sports/mike-tyson-curses-reporter-live-tv-rape-conviction-article-1.1935289#ixzz3DDqIN1pr



Ct Patriot: I just find this stuff funny. My guilty pleasure.

(FUNNY VIDEO) James Carville ‘Isn’t Sorry’ That President Obama Has No Balls…“Being A Wimp”

 Is Missing A ‘Ball’

Steve Krakauer
November 19th, 2010

It was clear who James Carville supported during the 2008 Democratic primary, squarely for Sen. Hillary Clinton over Sen. Barack Obama.

So how much has changed? After telling an old campaign joke, Carville went on CNN to reiterate “I’m not sorry and I don’t apologize.”

The Blaze has the original video from a Christian Science Monitor breakfast, when during a Q&A session someone asked Carville if he thought Pres. Obama was “misunderstood” or just “being a wimp.” Carville’s years-old joke: “If Hillary gave him one of her balls, they’d both have too.”

Last night he called in to John King, USA, where the host said some were outraged. Carville told everyone to just chill: “Outraged? It’s a joke. In fact, it was an old joke.”

“He is the President of the United States,” said King. “If you said it during the campaign is there any different standard now that he’s the President?”

Short answer – no:

Of all the things that people say about the President, and I actually support most things the president does, I think this is fairly mild…If I offended anyone I’m not sorry and I don’t apologize.

James Carville Isn’t Sorry He Joked President Obama Is Missing A ‘Ball’

(POLICE VIDEO) “Hit Mom” Susan Williams Jokes About Having Her Husband Murdered…To Undercover Cops!

Kill my husband, please …LI ‘hit mom’ convicted in slay plot

November 16, 2010

Here is Long Island “hit mom” Susan Williams sealing the $20,000 deal to have her estranged husband murdered.

Authorities released the shocking video yesterday, the same day the mother of four was convicted of the brazen crime in a Mineola courtroom — and her daughter’s boyfriend was arrested for tampering with the jury.

“I want it as simple as possible. If I could do it myself, I would!” Williams laughs in an SUV as she talks to a man she thought was a killer for hire but was actually an undercover cop.

“Like I said, it’ll be an accident,” the fake murderer says. He assures her there would be no evidence to sift through. “I’m not going to give ’em CSI,” he says.

Prosecutor Anne Donnelly said Williams wanted her husband, Peter, dead so she could collect on a $1 million insurance policy, on which she had forged his signature.

“I want him out of my life. I want him to disappear,” Williams says on the video, shot in March. “If it’s an accident and he’s dead, I’m great. I would love to just do this and get it done.”

But she wanted to make sure the only victim would be her hubby.

“Nothing’s gonna happen to anyone but him,” she is promised. “He has to be alone.”

Later, Williams is heard saying, “I should give you some money, right?”

She hands over five $100 bills.

“You wanted ones?” she replies, laughing.

Original Full Article Kill my husband, please

(VIDEO) Erica Winchester Is Not Pleased With Her “F**king Ni**er Thief” Mailman…

Erica Winchester, Massachusetts Woman, Spews Racial Slurs At Mailman

The Huffington Post
Nick Wing

Wait a minute Mr. Postman, why is that woman yelling racial epithets at you?

That might have been what one postal worker was thinking when this video was shot last year in Hingham, Massachusetts.

The footage documents an incident in which a woman approaches a mailman’s vehicle and assaults him repeatedly with racial slurs, insults and apparently a physical blow of some sort, all because he said he could not accept a certified letter that she had signed for, but no longer wanted.

Though the woman follows up her “f**king ni**er thief” attack with a claim that she’s “not prejudiced,” her rhetoric and tone in the videos speak for themselves.

In the days after the video went viral on forums such as 4Chan and Reddit, the sleuthing power of the collective interwebs has turned up the culprit’s supposed identity: one Erica Winchester. The 60-year-old woman “once threatened a cop that she would ‘chop off’ his genitals after he arrested her for trespassing at a community theater rehearsal where she warned cast members they would ‘get it with a machine gun,'” according to the Smoking Gun.

Original Article…Erica Winchester, Massachusetts Woman, Spews Racial Slurs At Mailman

(VIDEO) 50 Cent Lip-Sync’s w/ 15 yo YouTube Phenom Keenan Cahill + Chelsea Handler Rumors…

50 Cent, Keenan Cahill Team Up For ‘Down On Me’ Duo Lip-Sync

11- 9-10

Keenan Cahill, the YouTube phenom who got over 15 million views on his lip-sync of Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream,” has a new video making its way around the internet.

This time, he’s lip-syncing “Down On Me,” the Jeremih single featuring 50 Cent. Cahill, the adorably earnest Chicago youngster, mouths Jeremiah’s lines, and then a special guest drops in for 50’s verse: 50 himself.

The multi-platinum rapper has to bend down to fit in the frame with the glasses-wearing 15-year-old. But the two dance around young Keenan’s room, and 50 even drops some ice on his neck toward the end of the video.

50 Cent, Keenan Cahill Team Up For ‘Down On Me’ Duo Lip-Sync

So, are the rumours true? Chelsea Handler and 50 Cent enjoy ANOTHER date

People Post
November 04, 2010

hey have both denied rumours of a blossoming romance, but comedienne Chelsea Handler and rapper 50 Cent did little to quash mounting speculation as they stepped out in public on Monday for the third time in a month.

The 35-year-old rapper, also known as Curtis James Jackson, and 35-year-old chat show host Handler enjoyed a Sunday lunch date in Malibu.

The pair were both dressed casually with Chelsea in black jeans, a striped, long sleeved T-shirt and a straw fedora while 50 Cent wore an all-black ensemble with a huge diamond cross round his neck.

The couple appeared happy and relaxed as they walked out of the restaurant and piled into 50’s enormous Rolls Royce.

Chelsea even paused to take a picture of a smiling 50 Cent with her cellphone before getting into the passenger side of the car.

Rumors of the two dating have been circulating for several weeks after they were spotted together looking very cozy at The Blue Nile Jazz Club in New Orleans at the beginning of October.

– Daily Mail

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