Robin Williams, Parkinson’s, Suicide Pills, and Family Guy? (CREEPY VIDEO)

CtPatriot: Robin Williams RIP. I Just Wonder what could have tormented him so bad? I feel for his loved ones…


Robin Williams’ wife: He had Parkinson’s diseaseimages (6)

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Robin Williams was in the early stages of Parkinson’s disease at the time of his death, his wife said Thursday.

In a statement, Susan Schneider said that Williams, 63, was struggling with depression, anxiety and the Parkinson’s diagnosis when he died Monday in his Northern California home. Authorities said he committed suicide.

“Robin’s sobriety was intact and he was brave as he struggled with his own battles of depression, anxiety as well as early stages of Parkinson’s disease, which he was not yet ready to share publicly,” Schneider said.

images (8)Schneider did not offer details on when the actor comedian had been diagnosed or his symptoms.

The Marin County Sheriff’s Department, which said Williams hanged himself, is conducting toxicology tests and interviews before issuing a final ruling. Lt. Keith Boyd of the Marin County Sheriff’s Department did not return phone calls and email messages from The Associated Press seeking comment on Schneider’s statement.

Williams’ death shocked fans and friends alike, despite his candor about decades of struggle with substance abuse and mental health. With Parkinson’s, Williams faced shouldering yet another challenge.images (9)

Parkinson’s disease is an incurable nervous system disorder that involves a loss of brain cells controlling movement. Tremors, sometimes starting out in just one hand, are among the early symptoms.

It can also cause rigid, halting walking, slowed speech and sometimes dementia. Symptoms worsen over time and can often be treated with drugs.

Robin Williams’ wife: He had Parkinson’s disease

Was Robin Williams on Suicide Pills?

Following the untimely death of comic genius Robin Williams, Alex Jones asks the painful question? Was Robin Williams taking SSRI pills which have been known to cause people to commit suicide?

Weird Coincidence: Robin Williams Family Guy ‘Suicide’ Episode Airs Before Actor’s Death!download (4)

In a bizarre coincidence, a Family Guy episode featuring Robin Williams which included a failed suicide attempt aired minutes before the announcement of the actor’s death.
It’s interesting to ponder whether such synchronicities are meaningful and emerge from the collective unconscious, as Carl Jung postulated, or whether they are just random coincidence

(NSFW PHOTOS) Jessica Alba’s New Scandal: Pregnant Naked Cell Phone Pictures Posted Online…Click Here!

Jessica Alba Nude Photo Scandal

November 9, 2010
by admin

Jessica Alba is the subject of just another nude celebrity photo scandal this week. This week, Fleshbot appears to have nabbed photos of actress Kat Dennings, as well as several photos of Alba. Fleshbot editors believe that the photographs are real because they are “so personal looking” and that most faked nude photographs are “incredibly sexualized”.

The series of photographs appear to feature the actress, showing off her pregnancy. One of the photos depicts Alba, possibly nude, cuddling up with husband Cash Warren. Several of the pictures are of little more than baby bump gone baby boulder.

However, in one of the photographs, the woman is shown lifting her shirt to show off her belly, as well as her breasts. Another photo would appear to be post-baby, featuring much smaller breasts that remained in a bra. Most of the photographs appear to have been captured with a cell phone.

Original Article…Jessica Alba Nude Photo Scandal

More Nude Photos Of Jessica Alba Hit The Web

09 Nov 2010

More To Nude Photos Of Jessica Alba Than Meets The Eye

Recently nude photos of Jessica Alba have spread like wildfire on the internet.

The details of the photos are not as scandalous though. Alba, 29, is said to have taken the photos in the presence of her husband, Cash Warren.

Alba, best known for her role in the “Fantastic Four” franchise, is said to have taken the photos while pregnant. The purpose of which was to document her pregnancy.

Original Article…More Nude Photos Of Jessica Alba Hit The Web

Real Thor Movie Trailer From Comic Con: Watch It Now…(VIDEO)

Marvel Comics Thor Movie Trailer Leaked onto the Internet

July 29, 2010
Jason Gallagher

A trailer for the upcoming Marvel Comics movie Thor was leaked onto the Internet earlier today. While Marvel reps moved quickly to have the trailer removed from circulation, it was no doubt seen by
millions of eager fans with curious eyes. As of early evening the five minute trailer was removed from popular preview site

Still, “Thor” was a trending topic on popular social networking website Twitter for several hours, and reaction ranged from fairly positive to complete success. The folks at Marvel must be particularly adept at damage control, since they have a fair amount of experience from the “Wolverine” movie leak a few years ago, where an unfinished copy of the film actually surfaced prior to release.

While official fan reaction is difficult to gauge due to the nature of the leak, the fact that the Thor movie trailer was so popular for even a brief period of time should raise hopes at the studio about the potential of the film. Considering the May 6, 2011 release date for the movie, the leak is a fairly convenient way of building up some word of mouth before the official trailers start to hit theaters.

Of course, the Marvel fan base is in for a special couple of years with movies based on Thor, Captain America, The Avengers, and Spider-Man due over the next few years. Of course, all of these pictures build off the successful run of the “Iron Man” franchise.

Marvel Comics Thor Movie Trailer Leaked onto the Internet

(VIDEO) Racist Movie “Machete” By Robert Rodriguez, Calls For Race War and Murder…What If Whites Did This???

New Movie “Machete” By Robert Rodriguez, Evokes Race War…

Alex Jones & Aaron Dykes
May 9, 2010

Robert Rodriguez’ upcoming Machete Director Robert Rodriguez’ new film ‘Machete‘ has created controversy after a promotional trailer released online makes provoking comments about Arizona– namely its new immigration laws– before depicting a machete-wielding vigilante who leads an uprising and massacre against Texas authorities. The filmmakers called it a ’special’ Cinco de Mayo message to Arizona, inviting viewers into a violent on-screen race war with red-saturated 70s exploitation violence and endless killing.

While some critics have praised this “message to Arizona” as being “most eloquent” on the immigration issue, others have become concerned about the message truly sent by a bloody and racially-charged film.


Alex Jones explains how the unsettling film, currently in production here in Austin, Texas, had upset two of its crew members, both of whom happened to be hispanic, enough to contact him about its fiery message. Though they could not give details due to their contractual agreements, the industry insiders were concerned that the film had gone too far, voicing their fears that it could cause a cultural backlash and do harm to the otherwise positive image of the hispanic community.

Racial strife is often exacerbated unnecessarily by globalists forces who, though seeking to integrate North America regionally, divide & conquer the population by playing upon ethnic tensions. For a violent film to use such a backdrop to glorify and potentially incite violent attacks on white Americans over the immigration issue is very dangerous, and Alex urges the film’s director to carefully consider the impact such an extreme statement could have. Though the movie screen is an escapist dimension where sex & violence are commonplace, ‘Machete‘ ties it into a racially motivated issue spurned by anti-illegal immigration rhetoric– and that may be taking things a bit too far.

RELATED: L.A. Teacher Calls for Mexican Revolt in the U.S.

The trailer insinuates that the film’s lead is hired to assassinate a Texas senator rallying so hard against illegal immigrants that he calls their very presence on United States soil “terrorism.” However, ‘Machete‘ realizes he’s been betrayed, and instead set-up as a patsy for a failed-assassination attempt to be blamed on what is termed crudely by the film’s villains to be “Mexicans” and “cucarachas.” From there, he develops a taste for revenge and initiates an out-and-out killing spree, recruiting an angry mob along the way, whose leader decries “We didn’t cross the border, the border crossed us” in downtown Austin. The trailer shows a crowd all holding up machetes in preparation for battle. As the film is not scheduled for release until September, we cannot say whether the film will be as violent and over-the-top as the trailer implies, but if the wary crew members are any indication, this film could be an unwanted wedge of racial anger that no one wants unleashed.

New Film ‘Machete’ evokes race war

Vanessa Hudgens To Play Sexy New Spider Woman??? +Nylon Photo Shoot…VIDEO

Vanessa Hudgens’ Web Of Beauty May Be Fodder For Spider-Woman Role

Vanessa Hudgens To Play Sexy New Spider Woman??? Plus Nylon Photo Shoot…VIDEO

Vanessa Hudgens’ Web Of Beauty May Be Fodder For Spider-Woman Role

High School Musical star Vanessa Hudgens is allegedly in talks to play Spider Woman.

Vanessa Hudgens, is said to be one of the front runners to play the leading role in an upcoming movie based on the comic book.
A movie insider stated: “The idea is for this to be a fun, comedic movie and Vanessa is perfect for the title role,”

They added: “Spider Woman is strong and sexy but in this case hilarious.Vanessa is apparently very interested in the idea,”

Ironically, Zac Efron, who is Vanessa Hudgens current beau met on the set of the hit Disney film has also previously expressed his interest in playing Spider Man after it was announced that Tobey Maguire would retire from the role….

Vanessa Hudgens: Jumping Jacks with Jena Malone
26 April 2010

Vanessa Hudgens keeps herself busy behind-the-scenes of her Nylon photo shoot by making funny faces to the camera.

The 21-year-old cover star dished to the mag about one thing she and costar Jena Malone would do during their downtime on the set of Sucker Punch: Jumping Jacks!

Click here to see Vanessa Hudgens Nude ...NSFW

Vanessa shared, “To get ready for action sequences…it’s kind of random. We’d take our guns and do jumping jacks with them. We’d be like [breathing, mimicking jumping jacks] and then we’d be in for the kill.”

Vanessa Hudgens – Nylon Cover Shoot

Clash Of the Titans 3D Review…Watch Trailor…Star’s Alexa Davalos & Gemma Arterton NUDE PHOTOS…

‘Clash of the Titans’ review: Louis Leterrier’s film can’t overcome mythic stupidity

NY Daily News

Joe Neumaier
Friday, April 2nd 2010

The 3-D technology tacked onto “Clash of the Titans” is like the coins put on the eyes of the dead for Charon, the Stygian ferryman. It’s bribery to accept a lifeless lump.

A remake of a cheesy but fun 1981 flick – notable for its Olympian gods played by acting nobility (Laurence Olivier as Zeus, Maggie Smith as Thetis, Claire Bloom as Hera, and, well, Ursula Andress as Aphrodite) and for the herky-jerky magic of F/X wizard Ray Harryhausen – this new adventure sees itself as “Lord of the Rings” redux but is more like a Halloween parade underwritten by BAM.

Even the fun of hammy performances is lost in the mythic stupidity.

Sam Worthington – officially now the patron saint of geeks – is Perseus, bastard son of Zeus (Liam Neeson). Zeus and his pals on Mount Olympus aren’t getting enough reverence, so they’ll bring a world of hurt on the defiant city of Argos unless Zeus’ underworld-ruling brother, Hades (Ralph Fiennes), can get them to fear the gods again, using black smoke and his deformed lackey, Calibos (Jason Flemyng). You can’t trust a guy who rules the underworld, though, which the all-knowing Zeus apparently forgets.

It’s up to fisherman-demigod Perseus to face blind witches and behead Medusa before preventing a giant sea beast called the Kraken from devouring beautiful Andromeda (Alexa Davalos) and bringing new power to Hades.

Like Zeus’ shiny armor, the visuals in “Clash of the Titans” are distracting but not special enough to be memorable. The simpler things work best (winged horses still look cool, giant scorpions have sting), and the asp-haired Medusa delivers the necessary nasty bites. The much-ballyhooed Kraken, however, looks like a leftover monster from director Louis Leterrier’s previous movie, 2008’s “The Incredible Hulk.”

It doesn’t help that the actors are either too over-the-top or oddly withholding. Worthington remains a haircut in search of a person; with his zero magnetism, he’s an avatar of a hero.

For the Full Review …

‘Clash of the Titans’ review: Louis Leterrier’s film can’t overcome mythic stupidity

Ok, So the Movie Is Going to Suck…Alexa Davalos & Gemma Arterton NUDE PHOTOS…

Click here to see Alexa Davalos Nude Photos...

Alexa Davalos

is first seen nude in Feast of Love after having sex with her boyfriend. She is laid back on the bed topless with her bottom half covered with the sheets. She then gets up and walks across the room to answer the door showing her pert bottom. After this she turns round giving a good, although slightly dark, full frontal shot. She then puts on her top and we get a closer and better lit view of her small breasts. Next she can be seen taking off her top to have sex with her boyfriend in a sports stadium. The scene is poorly lit with blue light.

Gemma Arterton

// <![CDATA[//

// <![CDATA[// // <![CDATA[//

IRVINE, Calif., April 2 /PRNewswire/ — From playing a legendary Bond Girl to a 3D mythological Greek goddess to a Persian princess, actress Gemma Arterton shines on the big screen.  With multiple movies roles and a packed schedule, she relies on time-efficient workouts on Power Plate machines to stay in shape and look and feel great.

“Hot Tub Time Machine” Movie Reviews…Plus Star Lizzy Caplan Hot Nude Photos…

Hot Tub Time Machine Reviews


Hot Tub Time Machine Quotes (& Reviews)

It’s time to look at the Hot Tub Time Machine reviews, and memorable quotes that may go into the film nerd’s vocab book.

The movie is directed by Steve Pink, who was co-writer and co-producer of two of Cusack’s best movies, High Fidelity and Grosse Pointe Blank. Besides from Cusack, look out for other 80s regulars Chevy Chase, Crispin Glover (Back To The Future) and William Zabka (The Karate Kid, always played the class bully).

Here’s what the critics are saying –

Roger Ebert

“Hot Tub Time Machine, which wants nothing more than to be a screwball farce, succeeds beyond any expectations suggested by the title and extends John Cusack’s remarkable run. …high point is possibly Nick’s boozy phone call to his wife, who at the time was still in grade school. …Corddry essentially steals the movie as Lou.”

LA Times

“nonstop political incorrectness; completely illogical special effects; a story line that at times makes absolutely no sense; Crispin Glover in one running sight gag that gets better instead of old; some gross-out moments that are genius…. Oh, and about a billion laughs.”

Hollywood Reporter

“A potentially wry comedy about time travel plunges into a hot tub of tepid juvenilia. …Unlike “Grosse Point Blank,” which also allows its hero to confront his past, such a thing never really happens here. Each life trajectory apparently got changed by a tiny miscalculation or case of bad timing. It never has anything fundamentally to do with either their character or life choices.”

Hot Tub Time Machine currently holds a 64% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, from 69 reviews.

The top 5 Hot Tub Time Machine quotes for our filmnerdcabulary –

Jacob: (Clark Duke) “This is scientifically possible!”
Nick: (Craig Robinson) “Tell us how it’s scientifically possible, Professor Hawking.”
Jacob: “I will, ’cause I write Stargate fan fiction; this is my bread and butter, man!”
Nick: “Oh my God, I seriously almost passed out you’re such a dork.”

Jacob: (Clark Duke) “You don’t think it’s weird a bunch of guys just piling up in a big bath tub together?”
Lou: (Rob Corddry) “It’s called male bonding ok, haven’t you even seen Wild Hogs?”

[Looking at the reflection of their younger selves.]
Adam: (John Cusack) “You look like Kid n’ Play.”
Nick: (Craig Robinson) “That’s actually two people.”

Adam: (John Cusack) “You’re better than him …maybe not by a lot, but, a little. You’re the patron saint of the totally f**cked, you’re completely toxic, there’s nothing you can’t kill. You’re the violator. You can be the hero.”
Nick: (Craig Robinson) “Like Enrique f**king Iglesias.”
Adam: “You love that f**cking song”
Lou: (Rob Corddry) “I love that f**cking song.

Nick: (Craig Robinson) “My wife, she cheated on me. I found an e-mail.”
80s Girl: “Hey what’s an e-mail?”
Nick: “…That’s not the point.”

Leave your own reviews in the comments, and whatever you think will become the most memorable Hot Tub Time Machine quotes.


Click Here to see Hot Tub Time Machine Star Lizzy Caplan Nude Photos...NSFW

Hot Tub Time Machines Lizzy Caplan Ok With Nudity… Click Image to the Left to View Nude Photos


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