NEW VIDEO: Ufc and Fear Factor’s Joe Rogan Sh*ts On the New World Order!

Ct Patriot: I’ve long been a fan of Joe Rogan and his comedy. From years back on the Opie and Anthony radio show, Fear factor and his occasional appearances on the Alex Jones Show. Right up til now and his UFC work. But I will say it’s refreshing to see a “star” open up and talk about something other than the mainstream pablum of deception. Now Not saying i agree with anyone a hundred percent. But Opinions need to get out there .


images (1)Getting off the grid and how he woke up


AUGUST 25, 2014

Exclusive Interview: Joe Rogan sat down with Alex Jones to talk

about Obama, getting off the grid and how he woke up. filmed in Austin TX

backstage at the Capital City Comedy Club.


Exclusive Interview: Joe Rogan

images (2)Do you also believe in the existence of the Illuminati, like your friend and jiu-jitsu teacher Eddie Bravo?
Well, what does that really mean? Do I believe that there’s a secret handshake that some of the top senators and bankers engage in? No, not in that sense. But I think it’s pretty obvious that the world is being controlled by the people with all the money, and that’s always been the case. I wrote a blog post after “Fight for the Troops,” about how when we were over there we got to talk to all these guys who were missing hands and shit, and these kids who thought they were over there doing a great service to the world by being a part of this invasion of some foreign country that never did anything to us. Their motives were entirely pure but they were being led. I completely support soldiers, but they have no idea what the fuck is going on, why they’re going to certain countries, why they’re taking orders — they’re just doing what they’re supposed to be doing. They’re being soldiers, they’re following orders.

There’s a guy named Major Smedley Butler, who was the commander of the United States Marine Corps, and he wrote a speech in 1933 called War Is a Racket, which is fascinating if you read it in 2009. Because in 1933 this guy was talking about how when he was going to all these different places in the name of liberty and justice, really what he was doing was clearing the area for oil companies and making the area safe for bankers, and that basically war is just a means that the elite use to control the rest of the world. They go in and clear areas out so they can profit from them. And that’s been the case since the beginning of time. War is about profit and controlling resources. So do I believe in the Illuminati in that sense? Yes, I do. I do believe that wars are created for profit. And they always have been. And there’s evidence, these aren’t just speculations.

download (1)If you look at just this country over the last 50-60 years, in 1961 there was a document that was released called the Northwoods Document, which became available in the Freedom of Information act fairly recently, and this document was signed by the Joint Chiefs of Staff but was vetoed by Kennedy, and it was basically a plan to attack American civilians and to make it look like Cubans were doing it, in order to generate enthusiasm for a war against Cuba. It’s a false flag attack on Americans. They had plans to blow up an American jetliner, attack college students, all this shit just to get people to be enthusiastic about a war with Cuba. And the Gulf of Tonkin incident, the reason why we got into Vietnam — which never happened. It was a fake attack, it was another false flag incident, another incident of the people in charge conspiring to create an excuse to go to war. So it that sense, the elite controlling the world, that’s fucking real.

Exclusive Interview: Joe Rogan Full interview…


VIDEO: MMA Fighter War Machine On The Run For Beating Porn Star Christy Mack!

Porn Star Christy Mack Hospitalized After MMA Fighter Attacks, Flees: Cops


Las Vegas police are searching for a mixed martial arts fighter who they believe attacked his girlfriend and then fled.

Jonathan Koppenhaver is accused of beating porn star Christy Mack on Friday evening in an attack that left her with “serious” but not “life-threatening” injuries, cops told the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

‘I must be cursed’: MMA fighter War Machine tweets as cops hunt him for savagely beating porn star girlfriend

Las Vegas police are hunting for Mixed Martial Arts fighter Jon Koppenhaver in connection with a brutal attack on his porn actress girlfriend that put her in the hospital over the weekend. After the alleged attack, Koppenhaver tweeted about trying to surprise Christy Mack with an engagement ring, but receiving a surprise of his own that had him ‘fighting for his life.’


 August 11, 2014

Las Vegas cops are on the hunt for a hulking Mixed Martial Arts fighter with a violent history who they say put his porn star girlfriend in the hospital in a brutal attack at her Sin City home early Friday.

downloadStarlet Christy Mack was recovering from “severe but nonlife-threating” injuries following the predawn beating at the hands of cage fighter boyfriend Jon Koppenhaver, who brawls under the name War Machine, police said

Las Vegas Police Lt. Ted Glaud told the Las Vegas Review-Journal there was a chance Koppenhaver, 32, was headed to San Diego.

By early Monday, police had not tracked him down. Police said Mack sustained severe but non life threatening injuries in the attack, which happened about 4 a.m.

Koppenhaver, who appeared the reality show “The Ultimate Fighter” in 2007, broke his silence images (6)about the alleged attack in a series of anguished tweets Saturday and Sunday.  
In the messages, Koppenhaver described a scene in which he came home early to surprise Mack with an engagement ring and couldn’t “believe what I found.”

“I love you and hope you’re okay. I came him (sic) early to surprise you and help you set up for your convention. I can’t believe what I found and can’t believe what happened. All I wanted was to surprise you and help and do something nice …now this,” Koppenhaver wrote.

Read more:

originalBellator President Scott Coker tells TMZ Sports … “We have a zero tolerance policy here at Bellator when it relates to any form of domestic violence, and after learning of this latest incident involving (Jon Koppenhaver) War Machine, Bellator is releasing him from his promotional contract with the organization.”

CtPatriot: This Guy is just another abuser. He deserves to be in jail. Keep the fighting in the ring. And just another Muscle head jock everyone thinks is cool until he beats up on a woman or worse…. 

UFC 121: New Champ Cain Velasquez Knocks Brock Lesnar The F*#k Out…(FULL FIGHT VIDEO)

UFC 121: Cain Velasquez Stuns Brock Lesnar to Claim Historic Heavyweight Title Win
Oct 24 2010
By Iain Hepburn

BROCK LESNAR’S reign as UFC’s heavyweight champion ended in explosive fashion this morning as Cain Velasquez became the first Mexican to hold the sport’s top prize.

The former WWE star turned MMA villain was out punched and outfought in an stunning flurry from the 28-year-old Latino star in the first round of their title clash at UFC 121.

Lesnar had started strongly, flying out of his corner at the start of the fight, but the Californian-born Velasquez, in front of a home-state crowd, was unintimidated by Lesnar’s size or speed and quickly brushed off any sign of nerves.

He fought back from two takedowns by the bleeding Lesnar to open up with a flurry of blows and a damaging knee that left the Dakota native staggering across the cage floor, before eventually breaking his guard and raining down punches to force a TKO victory with just over four minutes of the allotted 25 gone.

Afterwards the hometown favorite admitted it was a ‘great feeling’ to have claimed victory in Anaheim.

“We knew his game plan going in, and it kind of did surprise me how hard he came forward,” he said.

“I froze. I wasn’t as relaxed as I should have been, but after that takedown he got on me, that’s when I was able to say, ‘Relax, relax.'”

But he also admitted “Now the hard work comes in, definitely” as his first title defense will be against rapidly rising Brazilian striker Junior Dos Santos sometime next year.

Lesnar, meanwhile, is tipped for a rubber match clash with old for Frank Mir before he gets another shot at the title he finally lost his huge grip on.

Elsewhere on the card, new UFC signing and former Strikeforce champ Jake Shields struggled to a points victory over Danish veteran Martin Kampmann.

The victory puts Shields in line for the next welterweight title shot, against the winner of Georges St-Pierre’s title defence against Josh Koscheck.

UFC 121: Cain Velasquez stuns Brock Lesnar to claim historic heavyweight title win

UFC champion Velasquez is next-generation MMA star

USA Today
By Greg Beacham
AP Sports Writer

ANAHEIM, Calif. — The UFC’s new heavyweight champion is a soft-spoken former Arizona State wrestler who dotes on his daughter even during training. Until Saturday night, Cain Velasquez’s life was strictly about family and fighting.

He knows it’s going to get a bit more complicated after he demolished the most famous man in mixed martial arts.

Velasquez won more than a gaudy belt with his stunning first-round stoppage of Brock Lesnar at UFC 121. The San Jose-based fighter has been among the sport’s top prospects for several years, and he realized his potential in a frighteningly lopsided victory that ended with the hulking Lesnar defenseless against his power.

Only when referee Herb Dean halted the fight with 48 seconds left did Velasquez crack his expressionless persona of the past several weeks walking to the middle of the ring, raising his arms in triumph and then putting his hands over his face in disbelief, his Mexican-flag mouthpiece revealed by his first public smile in a while.

“It was a sweet feeling,” Velasquez said. “All the work I put in was for that moment. I pictured it playing out that way. It was the best ending I could think of, as far as the whole story, but I’ve got to keep getting better and look out for whoever is coming.”

With a rigid work ethic instilled in him by immigrant parents, Velasquez is unlikely to get comfortable after becoming the first major Mexican-American heavyweight champion in MMA or boxing. He’s already making plans for his first defense early next year against Brazil’s Junior Dos Santos, the next rising prospect in a division packed with intriguing fighters.

After the fight, he calmly analyzed his game plan against Lesnar with the same detachment that an offensive lineman might use to talk about pass-blocking technique.

“When he starts getting hit is when his hands start to fall apart,” UFC president Dana White said. “It’s not a matter of working on his hands enough. It’s a different ballgame when you’re getting punched in the face.”

Although White’s top star no longer has a belt, Lesnar’s loss actually might help the UFC, which now has two genuine superstar attractions at heavyweight instead of just one. Anyone who watches Velasquez’s thrashing of Lesnar will be intrigued to see how he tackles Dos Santos, the impressive Brazilian striker, while Lesnar is unlikely to lose much of his allure.

“I think people will always be interested in Brock, and now they’ll be interested in Cain, too,” White said.

Original Article…UFC champion Velasquez is next-generation MMA star

(VIDEOS-PHOTOS) MMA Fighter Kenny Trevino & Model Tiffanie Perry Dead: Murder-Suicide…

Kenny Trevino & Tiffanie Perry Dead From Apparent Murder-Suicide
09- 6- 2010

Kenny Trevino and Tiffanie Perry were found dead in Austin Sunday night in what police suspect may be a murder-suicide, according to KXAN. The web site reports that a relative said Trevino, a 26-year-old MMA fighter, was “despondent” after breaking up with Perry, a 23-year-old model.

According to News8Austin, “Officers said both bodies suffered trauma,” but no cause of death has been publicly released.

A ModelMayhem profile that appears to belong to Perry says that she models “because I love to model. This is not how I plan to make a living nor is it how I pay the bills.”

Scroll down for pictures from Perry’s apparent Facebook page as well as a video of Trevino fighting

Vodpod videos no longer available.
kenny trevino fight video, posted with vodpod

Police investigating possible murder-suicide
By Sarah Coppola
September 6, 2010

Police are investigating two deaths from late Sunday as a possible murder-suicide.

A relative of Kenneth Trevino called police at around 11 p.m., saying he was despondent over a recent breakup with his ex-girlfriend, Tiffanie Perry, and had threatened to commit suicide, according to police.

When officers arrived at 9900 McNeil Drive, Trevino’s apartment, they found Trevino and Perry dead.

Anyone with information about the incident is asked to call the homicide tip line at 512-477-3588, Crime Stoppers at 512-472-TIPS or text “Tip 103” and a tip to CRIMES.

Police investigating possible murder-suicide

(REAL FIGHT VIDEO) UFC 118: Edgar Beat’s Penn Again, Couture Submits Toney!!!

Randy Couture dominates James Toney at UFC 118

USA Today
Aug 29, 2010

BOSTON – Mixed martial arts can be an unpredictable sport, but Saturday night at UFC 118, Randy Couture knew exactly what he wanted to do to James Toney.

He wanted to shoot low for a single-leg takedown, something easily defended by a grappler but an unfamiliar attack for a boxer like Toney is used to handling.

By going low at the start of their bout Saturday at UFC 118, he gave Toney no chance to counterpunch. Couture quickly began his usual ground-and-pound assault, but he didn’t want a knockout — he was just trying to set up an arm-triangle choke he has been practicing for a year.

“You kind of want James to have the complete martial arts experience,” Couture said.

An accomplished amateur wrestler before his MMA career, Couture wasted no time taking the larger Toney down, and the boxing champion showed no ability to respond once he was on the ground.

Couture immediately established full mount, straddling Toney’s torso and landing short punches as he has done throughout his career.

Toney slowed Couture’s progress by keeping his arms in the way as Couture worked for an arm-triangle choke. He fended off one attempt, which Couture relinquished in favor of more punches. The second attempt at the choke was more secure, and Toney flailed his hand to tap out, 3:19 into the fight.

Randy Couture dominates James Toney at UFC 118

Edgar beats BJ Penn again, silences doubters at UFC 118

USA Today
Aug 29, 2010

BOSTON — There’s no question about Frank “The Answer” Edgar’s mastery of BJ Penn now.

With a unanimous five-round decision Saturday at UFC 118 over, Edgar (13-1) defended his lightweight belt against the man he took it from four months ago. All three judges scored it 50-45 for Edgar, meaning Penn (15-7-1) did not win a single round this time.

“I feel like I walked on water,” Edgar said. “I want to thank BJ. He brought the best out of me. Having to prepare for him for eight months has just done nothing but bless my career.”

As he did in April, Edgar moved quickly, not letting Penn throw punch combinations. This time Edgar beat Penn to the punch even more often, and he was more successful with takedowns. The champion wrestled Penn to the mat several times and made him pay with punches each he scrambled up.

“I guess it looked like the same kind of fight as the last time, but he got off good,” Penn said. “Much respect.”

Edgar beats BJ Penn again, silences doubters at UFC 118

Ex-UFC Fighter Roger Huerta’s Street Fight, Knocks Out Woman Beater!!!(VIDEO)

UFC President Dana White Responds to Roger Huerta Street Fight

Tom Ngo
Aug 4, 2010

Although UFC president Dana White and Roger Huerta officially parted ways earlier this year, the brash promoter took time out of his busy UFC 117 fight week to address his former employee’s honorable act this past Saturday.

“In no way do I condone street fighting, but when a guy puts his hands on a woman he deserves to be knocked the [expletive] out. Good for Roger,” White told Wednesday afternoon.

Earlier today, the popular celebrity gossip website released exclusive footage of the 155-pounder coming to the aid of a woman that was floored by a sucker-punching MAN (Please click here for a complete recap of the brawl).

“El Matador” owns an impressive 24-4-1 professional record, however is a perfect 1-0 outside of the cage. Although the 27-year-old has dropped three of his last four bouts, Huerta remains one of the world’s best lightweights.

Huerta and Octagon brass were unable to come to terms on a contract after his slit decision loss to Gray Maynard at “UFC Fight Night 19” in September 2009. Instead of inking an extension with the world’s premier MMA organization, the former Sports Illustrated cover boy decided to take his talent to upstart Bellator Fighting Championships.

According to TMZ, the Austin Police Department were called to the scene on Saturday. No arrests have been made thus far.

UFC President Dana White Responds to Roger Huerta Street Fight

UFC 116 Results: Brock Lesnar Gets Rocked, Then Submits Shane Carwin In Comeback…FIGHT VIDEO!!!

Brock Lesnar triumphs over Shane Carwin at UFC 116

By Beau Dure,
Special for USA TODAY
July 3, 2010

Heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar emerged from a one-year layoff and serious illness Saturday with a win that showed how much he has matured as a UFC fighter.

Lesnar was rocked badly in the first round by unbeaten foe Shane Carwin, who landed punches and knees to end up on top of the former WWE and college wrestling star.

But Lesnar managed to defend, covering up with his giant arms and leaving Carwin little room to land punches that could have finished the fight. Lesnar slowly recovered and got to his feet, surviving a first round that Carwin won overwhelmingly.

Carwin, who had never reached the second round in his career, was visibly winded. Lesnar circled cautiously with Carwin early in the second, then took him down.

In his last fight against Frank Mir, Lesnar finished with an unrelenting assault of punches on the ground. This time, Carwin defended the punches well.

Then came the unexpected. Lesnar wrapped his arms around Carwin’s neck and arm. Carwin appeared to have the choke well-defended. But Lesnar squeezed and forced the submission through brute strength.

PLAY-BY-PLAY: Relive UFC 116 as it happened

It was a startling show of progress for Lesnar, who lost his UFC debut 28 months ago when he left himself vulnerable to a kneebar against Mir, whom he had pounded badly before falling into the submission.

Lesnar, just six fights into his MMA career, has now beaten two accomplished veterans in Mir and Randy Couture along with Carwin, the most meteoric riser in a fast-evolving heavyweight class.

After the fight, Lesnar also showed his mature side. Upon beating Mir last year, Lesnar taunted his fallen foe, extended middle fingers to the crowd, insulted a UFC sponsor and made a crude sexual reference. This time, he thanked everyone from his family and trainers to the doctors who helped him recover from a bout with diverticulitis that almost ended his career.

Lesnar was one of several fighters to win by submission on a lively UFC 116 card.

In the co-main event, late replacement Chris Leben brawled with Japanese star Yoshihiro Akiyama through three dizzying rounds before finishing the bout with a triangle choke. Leben replaced Wanderlei Silva on the card despite fighting just two weeks ago in a knockout win over Aaron Simpson.

Leben’s career seemed to be in limbo less than a year ago. He had lost five of eight fights and served a suspension after a positive steroid test. He rebounded on a UFC Fight Night card in January with a unanimous decision win over Jay Silva. Now with two wins in quick succession, he’s poised for a move into middleweight title contention.

Also on the card:

• Chris Lytle defeated Matt Brown in the first of three fights that featured heavy exchanges of punches and ended with a submission. Lytle did the trick with an armbar in the second round.

•Stephan Bonnar ended a three-fight losing streak and avenged an unconvincing loss to Krzysztof Soszynski, getting slightly the better of furious exchanges and then earning a TKO in the second round. At times, the fight resembled Bonnar’s slugfest with Forrest Griffin in the finale of the first season of The Ultimate Fighter, an action-packed bout often credited with spurring the UFC’s growth over the past five years.

Brock Lesnar triumphs over Shane Carwin at UFC 116

CtPatriot : I will Find the Video Of the Fight ASAP and Post it here…..Stay Tuned

UpDate….. Here is A Link to Some Of the Fight …. UFC 116 Lesnar-Carwin Fight

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