(HOT PHOTOS) Brooke Hogan Shows Off New Body In A Skimpy Red Bikini…(VIDEO)

Brooke Hogan’s best body… reality star shows off new and improved beach body

By Daily Mail Reporter
22nd October 2010

Brooke Hogan has been giving her Twitter followers daily updates as she committed herself to a gruelling regime of twice-daily workouts.

And now she has unveiled the results.

The reality television star showed off her newly toned beach body in the briefest of bikinis – including some abs that wouldn’t have looked out of place on her famous wrestler father Hulk Hogan.

Brooke has been sticking to a strict gym schedule with daily and sometimes twice daily workouts recently.

Earlier this week she tweeted: ‘Good morning! Going for a run! back on my 2x a day! woooaaahh!’

And the results are clearly working as she cut a svelte figure as she mocked-played in the ocean for a photoshoot

The TV personality has spoken publicly about her battle to stay in shape. Last year she said: ‘I feel great at this weight, but I’ve started sticking to a diet again.’

‘I’m trying hard to get down even more. You need to keep to the old-school bodybuilder diet of eggs, fish, chicken, meat and broccoli. I want to always look healthy, not anorexic.’

But she said she feels confident in a bikini whatever her size. She said: ‘I love my body. Thick or not, I’m firm. I don’t have cellulite. I’m happy with how I am.

‘People should know, I’m only doing the diet for the entertainment business. It’s not really what you’re supposed to look like in real life.’

Original Article…Brooke Hogan’s best body… reality star shows off new and improved beach body

VIDEO: Brooke Hogan Shows Off Her New Bikini Body

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(PHOTO SLIDESHOW) Busty Playboy Model Tiffany Livingston, 21, Tries To Jump From Plane Door…

Playboy Gal Stirs in-Flight Fright

September 10, 2010

A buxom Playboy centerfold tried to bust out — midair — from a jet yesterday amid a bad case of high anxiety.

Sexy 21-year-old model Tiffany Livingston was aboard JetBlue Flight 522 from Orlando, Fla., to Newark when she bolted from her seat and tried to open the door of the plane, a law-enforcement official said.

“She said she’s gone through this before, but never this bad, and didn’t have . . . her medication,” one source said.

Livingston was detained and placed in federal custody, with charges pending, last night.

Last year, Livingston, a 5-foot-6 brunette from Merrimac, RI, was featured as the centerfold for the debut edition of VIP, the Singapore version of Playboy, in which she was described as “not just another pretty face.

“Tiffany boasts the immaculate poise of a mature model wrapped with a bubbly demeanor,” the profile said.

Her agent did not return a call seeking comment.

Playboy gal stirs in-flight fright

Playboy model detained ‘after trying to open plane door mid-flight’

A Playboy model was detained after claims she tried to open a plane door mid flight after she suffered an anxiety attack.

10 Sept 2010

Tiffany Livingston, 21, reportedly suffered the attack as she was aboard the JetBlue Flight 522 from Orlando to Newark when passengers claim she tried to open the door at 10,000ft.

She was detained when the plane landed but was released hours later. Federal investigators who interviewed her after the flight concluded that she was not trying to open the door, instead she was trying to stabilize herself following the panic attack which was caused by turbulence.

A source close to Miss Livingston told the New York Post: “She said she’s gone through this before, but never this bad, and didn’t have … her medication”.

Kathleen Longsderff, Agency Director at Miss Livingston’s former modeling agency told CBS News: “[She] has dealt with minor anxiety issues in the past, however has always maintained a high level of professionalism in the modeling business.”

Alison Crole, a spokesman for JetBlue said they would “co-operate fully with local authorities”.

Playboy model detained ‘after trying to open plane door mid-flight’

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The Hot Women Of Comic Con 2010: Jessica Nigri and More…55 PIC SLIDESHOW

Comic-Con 2010: the highlights

This year’s Comic-Con, the annual get-together of fanboys, fancy costume wearers and lovers of comics, just wrapped up in San Diego. Here are the highlights from the four-day nerd fest:

By Subhajit Banerjee
27 Jul 2010

Avengers assemble

Sneak peek at how a huge comic franchise like Avengers is shaping up for the big screen – good. Identity of the new Hulk revealed (Mark Ruffalo) – great. Full cast turnout including Samuel L Jackson, Robert Downey Jr and Scarlett Johansson – awesome!

After the successful silver screen transformations of Spider-Man, X-Men and Iron-Man, the next Marvel superhero outing sees Iron Man co-stars Downey Jr and Johansson reprise their roles as Iron Man and Black Widow respectively while Jackson plays the formidable Nick Fury.

Tron teasings

A new teaser trailer for Tron: Legacy was one of the highlights of the opening day, despite this being the third consecutive Comic-Con to feature footage from the upcoming sci-fi spectacular. Jeff Bridges, Michael Sheen and others from the cast also fielded questions on Disney’s 3-D sequel to the 1982 cult classic that made blue neon-lit suits super cool. Or super geeky.

Harrison in handcuffs, Helen’s homage

Comic-Con’s best stunt took place as Iron Man director Jon Favreau was discussing his upcoming Western-alien invasion flick, Cowboys & Aliens. As he introduced co-stars Daniel Craig, Olivia Wilde, and Sam Rockwell, a seemingly bewildered Harrison Ford was “escorted” on to the stage in handcuffs by guards. Despite most people not getting the gag (that Ford was being dragged to the gathering against his will), the 6,000-strong audience gave the 68-year-old a standing ovation. Hard to believe, but this was the Indiana Jones and Star Wars actor’s first Comic-Con appearance.

It was also a Comic-Con first for the majestic Helen Mirren. Dame Helen paid a T-shirt tribute to Harvey Pekar, the American Splendor creator who died recently, while promoting her new film Red. “This is how Dame Helen Mirren made Comic-Con fall in love with her,” blogged an excited Warren Ellis, on whose comic book series the film is based.

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And finally…

What’s Comic-Con without a bit of eye-stabbing. A man in his 20s was arrested on Saturday for stabbing a fellow attendee in the eye with a pen after they got into an argument over whether they were sitting too close to each other [watch an amateur video of said man in a Harry Potter t-shirt being led away by police]. The incident took place while the crowd was waiting for Seth Rogen and other panelists to take the stage for Universal’s science-fiction comedy Paul. But hey, what’s a little eye-popping between geeks.

Full Original Article…Comic-Con 2010: the highlights

Kardashian Sister Kendall Jenner 14, To Young To Pose For Bikini Pics?…(PHOTO SLIDESHOW)

Kardashian Sister Kendall Jenner, 14, In NEW String Bikini Pics


Kourtney Kardashian has shared more photos from her little sister’s bikini shoot on her blog.

Kendall Jenner, 14, and Kylie, 12, are Kourtney, Kim and Khloe’s half-sisters.

“All I can say is wow!” Kourtney writes. “I just received Kendall’s final shots from a shoot she did last week with one of our favorite photographers, Nick Saglimbeni, and I am speechless. She looks amazing!! So proud of you, Kendall.”

Kardashian Sister Kendall Jenner, 14, In NEW String Bikini Pics

Are Kendall Jenner’s Bikini Photos Appropriate for a 14 Year-Old?

Amanda Pendolino
July 23rd, 2010

Kourtney Kardashian is proud of her 14 year-old half-sister Kendall Jenner and her bikini body. The Huffington Post reports that Kourtney wrote on her blog: “All I can say is wow! I just received Kendall’s final shots from a shoot she did last week with one of our favorite photographers, Nick Saglimbeni, and I am speechless. She looks amazing!! So proud of you, Kendall.”

No arguments there. But are the photos appropriate for a 14 year-old girl? Check out all of them on Kourtney’s blog. The tall girl is gorgeous and definitely has model potential, but should she be making seductive poses in a bikini? And should Kourtney be splashing them all over the internet? I wish Kendall would wait a few years before baring all this skin. A 14 year-old is in 9th grade. Could she at least start in some jeans or sweaters or something? It’s hard to remove the sexual element from bikini modeling, don’t you think?

Are Kendall Jenner’s Bikini Photos Appropriate for a 14 Year-Old?

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CtPatriot: This Mother Is Sick to Pimp Out Her Kids Like This…

“Modern Family” Star Sofia Vergara Flaunts Hot Bikini Body…(30 PHOTO SLIDESHOW), TOPLESS…

Sofia Vergara Flaunts Her White-Hot Bikini Body While Vacationing in Italy

Cristina Everett
July 13th 2010

While “Modern Family” fans are dreading the show’s summer-long hiatus, others are celebrating its time away, thanks to a new photo of sexy actress Sofia Vergara.

On Monday, the sultry star posted a photo on Twitter showing off her toned and tanned body clad in a white-hot bikini, along with a friend, while on a two-week vacation in Italy.

To her delight – as well as that of her many admirers – Vergara doesn’t plan to wear much else for the duration of her trip.

“This is going to be my uniform for the next 2 weeks!!! Yeeeiiii,” the actress Tweeted.

Vergara, who is also enjoying her time away with boyfriend Nick Loeb, has a lot to celebrate these days. Two days after receiving an Emmy nomination for her supporting role as a sharp-tongued wife and stepmother on the hit ABC sitcom, Vergara also celebrated her 38th birthday on July 10.

So how does the Colombian actress maintain her amazing beach body? With the help of lollipops three times a day, according to Vergara.

“My problem is desserts. I am obsessed with desserts,” she told Shape magazine. “I am sure [the lollipops are] not good, but it’s better than ordering tiramisu, which is what I really want to do.”

Sofia Vergara flaunts her white-hot bikini body while vacationing in Italy

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Avianova Airlines Sexy Bikini Commercial, Pisses Off Flight Attendants..(VIDEO)

Avianova Airlines Racy Commercial Provokes International Controversy (VIDEO)

The Huffington Post
Hunter Stuart
07 – 3 – 2010

Earlier this week Russian airline Avianova aired this commercial, which shows a team of bikini-clad flight attendants washing an airplane while a gaggle of men watch, and caused quite a controversy.

The Australian newspaper The Daily Telegraph reported that Secretary of the Flight Attendants Association of Australia Jo-Ann Davidson said ads like this “put flight attendants at risk.”

“This type of provocative advertising using cabin crew in this light is not tolerated in Australia and should not be acceptable anywhere else,” Ms Davidson said, according to the Telegraph.

Avianova Airlines Racy Commercial Provokes International Controversy (VIDEO)

(NSFW) NBA Star Kenyon Martin’s Girlfriend Rapper Trina’s Nude Cellphone PHOTOS…Real Pics Here

(NSFW) NBA Star Kenyon Martin’s Girlfriend Rapper Trina’s Nude Cellphone PHOTOS…

May 26, 2010

American rapper Trina has recently spoken out on the ordeal she suffered when her naked photos stored in her phone circulated the web. Her phone was stolen months ago.

Hiphop artist Trina became very upset after finding out her that her private photos were leaked. According to her some jealous people want to disturb her and want ruin to popularity but some people thinks that these photos are planned program to become famous. The culprit uploaded some of her naked pictures in several websites and even tried to ask money.

She was furious about what happened. “You stole my phone, leaked pictures of me and then tried to extort money from me, and that was just taking it too far. I turned it over to the authorities and let them deal with it. I didn’t even want to be a part of it until you tell me that you have a suspect and were ready to prosecute. Actually, it was my lawyer that handled things. He went to all of the websites and sent out cease-and-desist letters. So I let the attorneys and authorities take care of everything and I just stayed out of it,” she said.

Rapper Trina’s Leaked Photos

The set includes several shots of the Miami rapper crying, some self-portraits of Trina’s on and off beau Kenyon Martin, and various close-up shots of her arms sporting what appears to be an allergic reaction or nasty rash of some sort. Word on the street is that the cellphone thief has threatened to expose even more incriminating pics unless Trina coughs up $100,000.

Click Here to see Trina Shaved Down Below (NSFW)

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