(NEW PHOTOS) Curvy ‘Modern Family’ Star Sofia Vergara Wears Sexy Corset For A Cause…

Lingerie for a Cause

Sofia Vergara Wears Corset To Lingerie Fashion Show

The Wall Street Journal
OCTOBER 23, 2010

“Empowering women on a G-string, rather than a shoe-string” was the strange if catchy slogan on the invitation for Thursday’s first Lingerie New York couture fashion show presented by the beach resort Freedom Bay St. Lucia.

There was a beneficiary: the Seven Bar Foundation, an organization that provides microfinance loans to underprivileged women through marketing partnerships and annual lingerie shows.

“We need people to pay attention. I was a single mother. I know that some women just need to find someone to lend them a hand,” said Sofia Vergara of TV’s “Modern Family.” “What calls more attention than beautiful women in G-strings?”

And how could you not pay attention to latex lingerie by Atsuko Kudo, lace looks by Carine Gilson and aerialists wearing Seven Bar’s Y panty, a G-string with a heart-shaped knot at the center, flying through Cipriani 42nd Street.

“I hope you brought your boots with your spurs because you’re going to need the brakes,” Renata Mutis Black, the director of the Seven Bar Foundation told an audience that included Braylon Edwards of the New York Jets and the actor/singer Lukas Haas.

Original Article…Lingerie for a Cause

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Sexy DJ LaLa Vasquez Weds NBA’s Carmelo Anthony…LaLa Vasquez Topless Photo, PHOTO SLIDESHOW…

Carmelo Anthony Weds LaLa Vasquez tonight; LeBron James, Kim Kardashian Expected …

NY Post
July 10, 2010

With many of the best of this year’s free agents gone to other NBA teams, the Knicks and the Nets can start working tonight on next year’s biggest prize, Carmelo Anthony, at his wedding at Cipriani 42nd Street.

The Denver Nugget star is marrying Brooklyn-born LaLa Vasquez, of MTV fame, the mother of their 3-year-old son, Kiyan.

Knick fans among the guests will have to stifle their disappointment and rage at LeBron James, who’s shunning his new home, Miami, to attend.

LaLa Vasquez Marries Carmelo Anthony, LeBron and Kardashian will attend

Sergio Mendes
Jul 11 2010

LaLa Vasquez Marries Carmelo Anthony, LeBron and Kardashian will attend

LaLa Vasquez, the famous DJ and entertainer will marry Denver Nuggets star Carmelo Anthony, a wedding that will be one of the biggest events that New York will see this weekend.

The wedding between the two will gather big names from the NBA and the music industry.

Basketball player of the moment, LeBron James, who recently signed with Miami Heat will be there, and Amare Stoudemire, and Kenyon Martin as well.

Singer Ciara is expected to perform during the ceremony, but LaLa Vasquez’s good friend Kim Kardashian will also be there.

LaLa Vasquez Marries Carmelo Anthony, LeBron and Kardashian will attend

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Piranha 3D: Kelly Brook and Riley Steele Bikinis On Set…Plus Kelly Brook Topless PHOTOS!!!

Pirhana 3D: Kelly Brook and Riley Steele Bikinis On Set…Plus Kelly Brook Topless PHOTOS!!!

Posted by Dean Piper

Kelly Brook may be a tad on the dim side but at least she can laugh at herself. Preparing for the release of new film Piranha 3D – which looks horrendous – she laughed: “I’m looking forward to Piranha coming out. Bruno Tonioli’s just seen it and he told me: “Put it this way Kelly, you’re not going to win an Oscar Kelly but it made me laugh out loud!”” Hmmmm.

The star also says she’s becoming increasingly broody at the minute – but it doesn’t sound like her toy boy Danny Cipriani is. “I am feeling broody at the moment so who knows what will happen,” she said. “But Danny’s told me to be content with my little dog Rocky for the moment.”

So why did Kelly Brook stop sunbathing topless? Blame Danny Cipriani

By Lizzie Smith

Her curves made her famous, but from now on Kelly Brook will be keeping them firmly under wraps.

The former glamour model has revealed that she no longer sunbathes topless – at the request of boyfriend Danny Cipriani.

‘Too many paparazzi and, anyway, Danny doesn’t like it,’ she explains.

But despite baring her breasts in the past, Kelly says she doesn’t feel it has stopped her from being taken seriously.

‘Maybe I have to work a little harder to be taken seriously, but I think that any woman who’s considered aesthetically pleasing struggles with that.’

In a revealing interview for Red magazine, Kelly also opens up about how she met rugby player Danny – who is eight years her junior.

The 29-year-old reveals she had no idea she was so much older than him, as he lied about his age.

‘We look back and laugh,’ she said. ‘He says, “I’m so glad you gave me your number,” and I say, “I’m so glad you lied about your age”.’

WARNING: Kelly Brook Topless PHOTOS below….NSFW

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