(SEXY PHOTOS-VIDEO) Curvy Bad Girls Club’s “Cat” Washington Busted For Ecstasy, Coke, Shrooms, Gun…

EXCLUSIVE: ‘Bad Girls Club Miami’ Star Catya Remains In Custody, More Arrests Surface

Nov. 05, 2010

Bad Girls Club Miami reality star Catya “Cat” Washington was arrested for aggravated assault as well as drug possession, RadarOnline.com can reveal.

The Philadelphia native – who lives the high-life in Miami on Oxygen’s reality show – is currently cooling her heels at Riverside Correctional Facility in Pennsylvania where she’s being held on $500,000 bail.

Viewers of the show have already had an insight into her volatile personality when she went on a crazed rant at the other girls for leaving her at a nightclub.

A court official told RadarOnline.com, “I can confirm that Catya Washington has two outstanding cases.

“She was arrested on August 18, 2010, for aggravated assault and will appear at Philadelphia County Court on December 14, 2010.

“In addition, she was also arrested on November 2, 2010, for possession of drugs with intent to manufacture and deliver – she will appear at the same court on November 22, 2010, in connection with this incident.

“No judge has been assigned to her case as yet and at the moment, she is still being held at Riverside Correctional Facility on $500,000 bail.”

On the reality show’s website, Catya Washington’s profile describes her as, “The Elite Player.”

It reads: This one time tomboy from Philadelphia turned in her boyish ways for the glamorous girly lifestyle. Having dated both rappers and celebrities, Catya is accustomed to the finer things in life and plans on living the life of luxury as long as she can. With her curvaceous body that turns heads and an attitude to match, Cat has a way of getting whatever she wants, whenever she wants.

Original Article…EXCLUSIVE: ‘Bad Girls Club Miami’ Star Catya Remains In Custody, More Arrests Surface

‘Bad Girls Club’ Chick Busted — Coke, Ecstasy, Gun

by TMZ Staff

One of the hell raisers from “Bad Girls Club” was the target of a huge drug bust yesterday — after cops allegedly found her in possession of a bunch of drugs … and a gun.

The Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office confirms Catya Washington was arrested yesterday for illegally possessing cocaine, mushrooms, ecstasy and one firearm.

We’re told she was booked on five charges — including possession with intent to manufacture or deliver, possession of drug paraphernalia, and possession of an instrument of crime.

Washington’s bail was set at a whopping $500,000 — it’s unclear if she’s still behind bars.

We’re told she’s due back in court on November 22.

Original Article…’Bad Girls Club’ Chick Busted — Coke, Ecstasy, Gun

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(PHOTOS-VIDEO) Coked-Up Charlie Sheen Drops N-Bomb, ‘Stiffs’ Porn Star Christina Walsh…Out Of $12K!!!

EXCLUSIVE: Charlie Sheen’s ‘Date’ With Porn Star Cost $12,000 & He Never Paid!

Oct 28, 2010

Charlie Sheen’s “date” with porn star Christina Walsh came with a steep price tag — $12,000!

RadarOnline.com has exclusive new details from the night that ended with a drunk and cocaine-fueled Sheen in a New York hospital after flipping out.

And as Walsh threatens to go to Colorado and speak to the District Attorney about Sheen violating his probation, RadarOnline.com has learned ALL the details that Walsh won’t want to disclose about herself and what happened that night.

“Charlie had never met Christina until that night. He ordered her from a ‘service,’” a source connected to the situation told RadarOnline.com.

“Christina was supposed to be paid $12,000. And by the time the crazy night was over, she never got paid because Charlie flipped out. She was furious and now she’s doing everything she can to make money off that night.”

“She has someone in Los Angeles who handles her ‘calls,’” the source told RadarOnline.com. “She’s more than a porn star. And the price for the evening was $12,000.”

But Charlie didn’t have the money – his assistant did. And the first time Charlie tried to have sex with Christina she demanded the money and when he couldn’t produce it, she stopped him.

Radar Online EXCLUSIVE: Charlie Sheen’s ‘Date’ With Porn Star Cost $12,000 & He Never Paid!

EXCLUSIVE: Delusional Charlie Sheen Was Shouting ‘N’ Word While On Cocaine

Oct 28, 2010

Charlie Sheen was so high from snorting and smoking cocaine that he was screaming the ‘N’ word during his crazed rant at a New York hotel early Tuesday morning as he went berserk, RadarOnline.com is reporting exclusively.

The Two and a Half Men star was “out of his mind” according to one source connected to the situation.

“He was punching the walls of the hotel room and going crazy and shouting ‘n**ger, n**ger, n**ger for no reason at all,” the source told RadarOnline.com. “It was absolutely bizarre. At this point the porn star he was with locked herself in the bathroom.

“What happened in that hotel room is worse than what anyone knows – and people already know a lot of awful things!”

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HIT ‘N’ RUN: Paris Hilton’s Boyfriend Cy Waits Runs Over A Photog’s Leg…(VIDEO-PHOTOS)

Paris Hilton’s Boyfriend Allegedly Runs Over A Photographer’s Leg (VIDEO)


Paris Hilton’s boyfriend Cy Waits allegedly ran over a female photographer’s leg with his Bentley in West Hollywood Wednesday night then fled the scene. The collision happens around 0:28 in the video below.

Cy was placed under citizen’s arrest, TMZ reports. Paramedics took the photographer to the hospital and at some point Cy returned and talked with police.

After the accident, Paris tweeted, “Lovely evening with friends and family ruined by aggressive paparazzi. They are literally insane!”

An hour later she wrote, “Gong to bed. Sweet dreams everyone. Love Paris xoxo.”

Cy and Paris were arrested in August for cocaine possession.

Slipknot Bassist Paul Gray Dead at 38…No Foul Play, Autopsy Tues. ( VIDEO + Unmasked PHOTOS)

Police: Slipknot bassist found dead in Iowa hotel

May 24, 2010

URBANDALE, Iowa – Police say metal band Slipknot bassist Paul Gray has been found dead in an Iowa hotel room.

Police say a hotel employee found the 38-year-old Gray dead in a room Monday at the Town Plaza Hotel in Urbandale, a suburb of Des Moines. Foul play isn’t suspected.

The Polk County Medical Examiner’s Office plans an autopsy Tuesday.

Most of the band’s members grew up in the Des Moines area.

Slipknot is known for its grotesque masks, and released its first album in 1999. It sold more than a million copies.

More Below…

Paul Gray: Personal life and career

Gray was born in Los Angeles, California. Later his family relocated to Des Moines, Iowa. In his youth, Gray performed in bands such as Anal Blast, Vexx, Body Pit and Inveigh Catharsi.

Outside Slipknot, Gray has filled in as bassist for Unida during their 2003 tour, appeared on Drop Dead, Gorgeous’ Worse Than a Fairy Tale, done a brief tour with Reggie and the Full Effect and appeared on the Roadrunner United project, performing bass on “The Enemy” and “Baptized in the Redemption” from the project’s album The All-Star Sessions.

In June 2003, Gray crashed his car into another vehicle. After police were called to the scene and searched his car, Gray was arrested for possession of cocaine, marijuana, drug paraphernalia, and failure to obey a traffic signal.] Turmoil was caused within Slipknot’s fanbase when Gray’s mugshot from the incident surfaced, as at this time, with the exception of Corey Taylor and guitarist James Root, unobstructed photographs of most members of the band’s faces were exceptionally rare.

At the time of his death, he was one of the 3 of Slipknot’s founding line-up remaining in the band, and the only one who had maintained his original role in the band due to Clown’s switch from main drums to custom percussion during the early days. He was one of the two members not born in Iowa (the other is Jim Root, who was born in Las Vegas).


On May 24, 2010, The Des Moines Register reported that Gray had been found dead at a room in the Towne Palace Suites hotel in Urbandale, Iowa. He is survived by his wife Brenna. He and his wife were expecting their first child at the time of his death.

WARNING! GRAPHIC VIDEO:SWAT Team Storms Home, Shoots Pet Dogs, Over Small Bag Of Weed…

Keeping America Safe: SWAT Team Storms Family Home, Shoots Pet Dogs, Over Small Bag Of Marijuana

Shipping in hard narcotics from abroad while busting casual dope smokers

Steve Watson
Friday, May 7th, 2010

Video of a SWAT narcotics raid in Columbia, Missouri has gone viral on the internet after officers stormed into a house, shooting one family pet dog and killing another in front of a small child, only to discover an insignificantly small amount of marijuana.

The incident provides a compelling example of how the phony war on drugs in America operates.

The raid occurred in February, but the footage has only recently come to light as the case has been ongoing.

The video shows heavily armed officers forcibly entering the home of 25 year old Jonathan E. Whitworth and his wife and 7-year-old son.

Police are said to have received “intelligence from two informants that claimed Whitworth had a large amount of high-grade marijuana at his residence.”

The footage reveals that a shot is immediately fired by the officers upon entry to the house. According to a report in the Columbia Daily Tribune, this shot was not thought to have wounded either of the two dogs, one corgi and one pit bull.

A further report in the Tribune somewhat contradicts this explanation, as it outlines the incident as described by the Columbia Police Chief Ken Burton:

Three officers shot at the pit bull, and the first missed completely, which is when the corgi is believed to have been shot in the paw, he said. The pit bull acted aggressively toward a SWAT member again as they pushed into the home, which resulted in the animal being shot, he said. After being shot, it moved to attack a SWAT member, which is when the dog was killed.

The police chief did not indicate any regret for sending an armed SWAT team into a family home and shooting up the dogs, rather he indicated that the warrant to search the home was executed too late to catch Whitworth with more marijuana.

“It was not a mistake to shoot the pit bull,” Burton said. “I wouldn’t be standing here if an officer had been bitten by a pit bull instead of the reverse happening.”

The raw footage follows this analysis of the incident by Alex Jones in which he explains how it is a centerpiece of the government’s phony war on drugs. Alex explains how the CIA and other agencies of government have admittedly carried out narcotrafficking operations for decades. This is especially true in Afghanistan, where troops guard opium crops, and the fight against the Taliban and al qaeda is mired in drug trafficking.

Whitworth pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of possession of drug paraphernalia. This was in exchange for dropping charges of misdemeanor marijuana possession and second-degree child endangerment. Casual pot smoking constitutes child endangerment, bursting into homes and firing automatic weapons is apparently a valid solution to this problem.

An internal review is scheduled for completion in two weeks. Whitworth and his family are reportedly considering a civil action against the department.

Reaction to the incident and the video has been heated. The Columbia Police Department has been bombarded with phone calls and e-mails following what it has described as a “widespread misinformation campaign” on internet message boards and blogs. The department also says it has received a direct death threat toward Columbia police officers.

This is not an isolated incident. According to research by the CATO institute, paramilitary police forces are conducting up to 40,000 forced, unannounced raids every year on nonviolent drug offenders, bystanders, and wrongly targeted civilians.

While militarized police are trained to aggressively crush any notion that marijuana use is tolerable, federal government agencies, aided and abetted by giant offshore financial corporations, are shipping in the majority of hard narcotics into the U.S.

These controlling powers are working to keep marijuana illegal as a pretext create artificial scarcity and jack up their profits, as well as to pack privately owned and run prisons with non violent offenders.

This is reality at the centre of the phony Drug War, as documented in Kevin Booth’s excellent
documentary films American Drug War and How Weed Won The West…

(MUG SHOT) Ex-Yankee ‘Doc’ Dwight Gooden Arrested For DUI…Had 5-Year-Old Son In Car…

Ex-Yankee ‘Doc’ Dwight Gooden Arrested For DUI…Had 5-Year-Old Son In Car…

By Colin Stephenson
The Star-Ledger
March 24, 2010

Former Mets star Dwight Gooden was arrested Tuesday by the Franklin Lakes police for driving under the influence of drugs after he was involved in a two-car accident about 8:50 a.m. on Old Mill Road.

According to the police report, Gooden, who lives in Franklin Lakes, was charged with being under the influence of a controlled dangerous substance; driving under the influence of a controlled dangerous substance; endangering the welfare of a child; driving while intoxicated, with a child passenger; leaving the scene of an accident; reckless driving; failure to keep right and failure to change his address on his driver’s license.

Gooden, arrested after leaving the scene, had his 5-year-old son, Dylan, unrestrained in his car at the time of the crash in which no one was hurt.

The 45-year-old Gooden was released on his own recognizance until a municipal court hearing. The police would not release the type of drug.

The driver of the other car, Ronald Schmidt, 71, of Franklin Lakes, said he recognized Gooden right away.

“I looked at him, and I knew it was Dwight Gooden,” Schmidt told WABC-TV in New York. “I think he was surprised I recognized him, (and) he shook my hand.”

Gooden left the scene to take his son to school, according to Detective Lt. John Bakelaar. Police stopped Gooden a short distance from the site of the accident after someone called 911.

Gooden had a hearing this morning on the child endangerment count and the charges were forwarded to the Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office for review according to police.

Gooden has battled the demons of alcohol and cocaine addiction since he was a star pitcher for the Mets back in the mid-1980s. He first entered drug rehab in 1987, the year after the Mets won their last World Series, and has been arrested numerous times since his playing career ended in 2001, following his release by the Yankees.

He had appeared to have turned his life around since spending six months in jail for a parole violation in 2006.

He was invited back, with many other former Mets stars, for the final game at Shea Stadium in 2008, and last fall, he took a job as vice president with the Newark Bears. He left that job in November, when the Mets contacted him about returning to them as a spring training adviser or guest instructor.

“He was moving on to bigger and better things,’’ Tom Cetnar, the Bears senior vice president, said today. “That being said, he did great things for us while he was here, and we’re saddened to hear about this latest news, though we don’t know all the details.’’

Cetnar said Gooden, in his two months with the Bears, did a lot of work in the community in Newark, appearing at schools and doing Toys for Tots programs. It was that work that prompted the Mets to ask Gooden back, Cetnar said.

Ultimately, he did not take the Mets up on their offer to join them because his wife was pregnant and he did not want to leave for spring training when she was expecting.

Mets spokesman Jay Horwitz, reached today in Port St. Lucie, Fla., where the Mets beat the Houston Astros, 5-2 in a spring training game, said, “We’re aware of the story,’’ when asked about Gooden, but declined further comment.

The Associated Press and The Record contributed to this report.

Colin Stephenson may be reached at cstephenson@starledger.com

EXCLUSIVE: Charlie Sheen’s Wife Brooke Mueller Wants Divorce After Court Case Over…911 AUDIO…

EXCLUSIVE: Charlie Sheen’s Wife Wants Divorce After Court Case Over


Charlie Sheen’s wife Brooke Mueller wants a divorce after his court case for domestic violence is over, RadarOnline.com is reporting exclusively.

Despite the fact that both Charlie and Brooke’s reps have publicly said they want to work things out, sources who know both of them say it’s actually the exact opposite – both are miserable.

Brooke left two rehab facilities within recent weeks and is doing rehab at home according to her lawyer — the latest chapter in the bizarre saga of her drug and alcohol addiction that has been covered up by her reps.

As RadarOnline.com was first to report, Brooke is being treated for crack addiction and alcoholism. She has been in rehab more than five times over the years.

Sheen is also in rehab and before he went in he was visited at home by the Department of Children and Family Services. While his reps described that visit as routine (and an outgrowth of the Colorado domestic violence case) it still scared Charlie.

The Two and a Half Men star has been using coke and boozing for months, RadarOnline.com reported exclusively, and he spent his first few day in rehab detoxing.

Drugs, alcohol, rehab and an upcoming domestic violence trial in Aspen form the framework of a marriage that insiders tell RadarOnline.com is “beyond awful.”

EXCLUSIVE: Charlie Sheen And Wife Did Cocaine Right Before She Went Into Rehab

“Brooke wants out. She’s said it before and she’s saying it again right now,” a source close the situation told RadarOnline.com. “She’s worried though, because Charlie has a lot of dirt on her. Using drugs while raising children is obviously a horrible situation.”

When RadarOnline.com reported two weeks ago that Charlie was told to go to rehab Team Sheen loudly denounced that report. But shortly after that, Sheen checked into rehab.

Public pronouncements by reps of both Sheen and Mueller about keeping the marriage together are equally disingenuous, says the source.

“The marriage is a nightmare,” said the source. “But each one is worried about ways the other one can hurt them. For Charlie, he’s terrified Brooke can help Colorado prosecutors send him to jail. For Brooke, she knows Charlie knows all the dirt about her drug and alcohol use.”

That mutual fear has kept them together so far, but Brooke has decided enough is enough, says the source.

“She can’t take it anymore,” the source told RadarOnline.com. “Remember, the Christmas day incident that ended with Charlie’s arrest started when she told him she wanted a divorce.

“Things didn’t get magically better after that.”

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