GRAPHIC VIDEO: Afroman Smashes Drunk Female Fans Face! He Musta Been High?

Fotor01016224251Ct Patriot: Just another asshole semi-celebrity thinking they can do what ever they want to whoever they want. I personally hope he gets sued and loses all his weed money. Seriously we can just punch women now and it’s cool?  That’s a real man in 2015 huh? Should Afroman get the Ray Rice Award this year? So far he is in the lead…




Afroman punches female fan during Mississippi concert: cops (VIDEO)

The ‘Because I Got High’ rapper was arrested and charged with assault Tuesday night after a fan stormed the stage, Biloxi police said.

February 18, 2015

Afroman was arrested and it wasn’t because he got high.

The rapper was charged with assault after he punched a female fan during a Tuesday concert in Mississippi, Biloxi police said in a statement.

thCALA7OX7While he was performing at Biloxi’s Kress Live venue, a woman climbed onto the stage and approached him, video from the concert showed. Afroman then punched the fan, knocking her to the ground, cops said.

Afroman, whose legal name is Joseph Edgar Foreman, continued to perform as the woman laid on the ground crying and bleeding, witnesses told TMZ. Security eventually helped her off the stage.

The “Because I Got High” rapper was busted outside of the venue after the woman filed a police report.

for full story click here please



Amanda Seyfried’s Lesbian Nude Sex Scenes with Julianne Moore…Chloe Movie VIDEO…

Amanda Seyfried says dad ‘not allowed’ to see nude love scenes with Julianne Moore

Meet a side of Amanda Seyfried you have not met before.

Well, several sides, actually!

Seyfried sat down with Courtney Friel for FOX411’s “Face 2 Face” interview about her new movie “Chloe,” with Julianne Moore and Liam Neeson.

Seyfried has several nude scenes in the new Atom Egoyan film about infidelity, and one extremely intimate love scene with co-star Julianne Moore.

“My dad’s not allowed to see [the movie],” Seyfried told us. “Being nude is not really much of an issue, I don’t think for any of us really. It’s easy just to take off your clothes but its really the intimacy that’s … challenging.”

Seyfried said that her love scene with Moore was “very choreographed” and that neither she nor Moore had ever done such a scene with a woman. (Although Seyfried did make out with Megan Fox in last year’s “Jennifer’s Body.”)

“The day that we filmed it, it felt like, if we can just get through this one day, we’ll be home free,” Seyfried said.

Moore for her part said she was “lucky to have a partner like her” to do such a sensitive scene with.

Chloe hits theaters March 26.

Exclusive: Ayla Brown says Dad Sen. Scott Brown Can’t Stop her From Posing Nude…PHOTOS!!!

Ayla Brown says dad can’t stop her from posing nude

GOP Senator Scott Brown embarrassed his daughters Ayla and Arianna on national television during his victory speech after winning the Massachusetts senatorial race.

And now Ayla is returning the favor.

During his raucous speech after his stunning upset win, Brown said that both of his daughters were “available,” before amending his statement to say only Ayla was.

Now Ayla has ratcheted things up a notch.

On “America Live” with Fox News’ Megyn Kelly, the aspiring singer and former American Idol contestant answered a question about her father’s decision to pose nude for Cosmopolitan in 1982.

“Honestly, it happened so long ago, before I was born, that I can’t judge him for it,” she laughed. “If Arianna or myself wanted to pose nude, he also can’t say anything about it. So it’s kind of like, um, a two-way street.”

So what does Ayla think of dad’s beefcake shoot?

“When I see that picture I’m just like, it’s almost like that’s part of our family history now,” she told Fox News. “It’s going down in the record books.”

Ayla’s mom, Gail Huff, has an interesting past herself, having starred in a bikini in a 1984 music video by the singer Digney Fignus called “The Girl With the Curious Hand.”

Hey, it was the ’80s!

ITS YOUR MONEY!!! President Obama Spends $10 Milllion on Drunken White House Parties…

Obama Pisses Away $10,000,000 on Drunken White House Parties?

Home – by Admin – January 29, 2010 – 11:59 America/Chicago

Admin Girl picked up a GLOBE magazine today at the checkout counter in the grocery store. The frontpage was just too tempting, “Outrage Over Obama’s Drunken White House Parties!” I admit I was a bit embarassed to thumb through and skim it so I discreetly tucked it underneath my frozen pizza box. The clerk was more concerned over the story about Charles Flees Raging Camilla than she was over Obama’s boozy parties and friends.

Obama party The article also quoted Michelle Malkin telling GLOBE that the posh bashes tossed at the White House reveal “the disconnect between obama and the public is glaring. While the President dines on Wagyu beef and his cronies fight over lavish cocktail party invitations, Americans have lost their jobs in record numbers.”

The article went on to say the Obamas are doing nothing wrong and insists the parties are “one way business is done” in Washington. Let’s see, 170 bashes in one year according to one estimate which is about say 10 million dollars? Wagyu beef $100 to $150 a pound? Apparently the Obamas hosted 28 parties and open houses entertaining more than 50,000 guests, in just one year! Hop on the Obama Party Train!

Lavish Spending, Wasting Taxpayers Money, those were the sub-headlines of the article. If you see the GLOBE at the store buy it, you can always say you just wanted to find out what secret Johnny Cash took to his grave!

Susan Sarandon, Tim Robbins Split…Susan Sarandon Cheating with 31yo???

After more than two decades together, actors Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon have called it quits, according to People magazine.

The veteran actors, together 21 years, separated this summer, People reported Wednesday.

In a statement to the magazine, Sarandon’s rep Teal Cannaday wrote “Actress Susan Sarandon and her partner of 23 years, actor Tim Robbins have announced that they separated over the summer. No further comments will be made.”

Sarandon, 63, and Robbins, 51, have two children, Miles Robbins and Jack Henry Robbins. Sarandon also has a daughter, Eva Amurri with director Franco Amurri.

The couple first met on the set of their 1988 film “Bull Durham.” In addition to their successful film careers, both have been heavily involved in political and social causes.

Jonathan Bricklin: Susan Sarandon’s New Boyfriend?

Jonathan Bricklin seen here with Susan Sarandon in a CBS piece on their ping pong club Spin
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Is Susan Sarandon dating a 31-year-old ping-pong aficionado named Jonathan Bricklin? That’s what a few other outlets hear. For her part, Sarandon denies it (via publicist Teal Cannaday). ABC News reports:

“The rumors are absolutely untrue,” Cannaday told “Susan’s relationship with Jonathan Bricklin is strictly a business one.”

Late Wednesday Sarandon, 63, and Tim Robbins, 51, announced they’d separated after 23 years and two sons together.

Thursday Page Six writes of Bricklin.

Sarandon was recently rumored to be involved with 31-year-old Jonathan Brinklin, a partner in Spin, the Flatiron District pingpong club Sarandon invested in. Before opening Spin in September, Brinklin was known for hosting Naked Ping Pong, an occasional party at a TriBeCa loft attended by models, hipsters, and celebs as diverse as 50 Cent and Salman Rushdie.

Reached for comment earlier this month, Brinklin denied to Page Six that he and Sarandon were anything but professional, calling her his “friend and business partner.”

Gawker has a similar Bricklin-Sarandon story:

A source tells us Sarandon, 63, is now in a relationship with the 31 year-old Bricklin. Which, first of all: Holy shit. Second of all: This suggests Sarandon’s investment in Bricklin’s Ping Pong social club, Spin, was not only motivated by her professed love of the game. Bricklin is a filmmaker whose latest (first?) film is a documentary about his father, the founder of Subaru of America.

And as Gawker points out, a Feb. 2009 Observer article details how Sarandon first met Bricklin, who is also an aspiring filmmaker:

Last April, Susan Sarandon came to one of their parties; she ended up hiring the boys to make a tribute video for boyfriend Tim Robbins’ 50th birthday; she is also an investor in the new club.

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