(VIDEO) President Obama Gets Pissed Off At Aids Activist Hecklers, They Dare Question Obama…

Heckling From AIDS Activists Irritates Obama During Boston Rally

October 16, 2010
by Scott Baker

BOSTON (AP) — With the congressional elections fast approaching, President Barack Obama acknowledged Saturday that the hope and energy he stirred during his presidential campaign may have faded in the face of a grinding economic crisis.

“We’re doing the grinding, sometimes frustrating work of actually delivering change. I know it can be discouraging,” Obama told a crowd of 10,000 at an energetic rally at Boston’s Hynes Convention Center.

Obama came to Boston to campaign for his friend and political ally, Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick, who is struggling to overcome the anti-incumbent mood that has swept across the country during this election season.Obama said Patrick’s opponent is banking on the same strategy as national Republicans.

Obama’s remarks were interrupted twice by protesters demanding more funding for HIV/AIDS. Supporters in the crowd tried to drowned out the protesters by chanting, “Yes We Can,” Obama’s slogan during the 2008 presidential campaign.

Obama responded directly to the protesters, saying his administration had increased AIDS funding and told them to, “take a look at what the Republican leadership has to say about AIDS funding.”

Obama called on Democrats to show up on election day.

“I need all of you to be clear,” he told the crowd, “over the next two weeks this election is a choice and the stakes could not be higher.”

Obama also spoke at a fundraiser near Boston Saturday that was expected to raise $500,000 for the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee.

Heckling From AIDS Activists Irritates Obama During Boston Rally

(VIDEO) Nancy Pelosi Heckled By Far Left For Not Being Crazy Enough…Dem’s Beware Your Own!

Nancy Pelosi Heckled By “Supporters”

Rudi Stettner
June 8, 2010

They weren’t Tea Party activists. They were supporters of Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats who felt that their community activist constituency had been used and discarded. Pelosi is seen on video, patiently calling for calm like a substitute teacher on Valium. Some of the angrier hecklers reportedly started throwing things at Pelosi.

These are for the time being core supporters of Barack Obama. They are not right wing activists who can be demonized. If they decide that the Democrats and the Republicans are Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dummer, then that could spell big trouble for the Democrats in November.

Meanwhile, President Obama has essentially put BP in charge of the cleanup of the biggest (and getting bigger) oil spill in US history. If Bush did that, he would be roundly condemned for caving into big business. When Obama talks about “whose ass to kick” he sounds like a nun reading an action novel.

His boasting in an interview. When he boasts of having been down to Louisiana “a month ago” Since the explosion that initiated the massive oil leak took place almost 7 weeks ago, Obama makes himself look sluggish in his response. He comes across as a man who can not distinguish appearance from substance.

There is nothing wrong with a social safety net to help America’s poor and its struggling citizens. But a healthy private sector is the engine of compassion. It is an engine that must be fine tuned and not overly burdened.

Obama and Pelosi are losing the moderate majority who believed in the soaring rhetoric of the campaign. They are also losing the radicals and the activists who felt that they were voting for a revolution.

Nancy Pelosi Heckled By “Supporters”

CtPatriot: Nancy Pelosi and the Rest Have Made a Deal With the “Progressive” Devil… They want Revolution Period, and They Think Obama and Pelosi Are moving too Slow… I say, ” Let them Kill Themselves Like the Savages That Are”…

Sarah Palin Heckled At McCain Event…She Angrily Responds… Protestor Roughed Up…(VIDEO)

Palin Heckled At McCain Rally, She Responds (VIDEO)

by Dan Nowicki
Mar. 27, 2010
The Arizona Republic

The maverick and the rogue teamed up one more time in Mesa on Saturday to rally support for Sen. John McCain’s re-election campaign and slam President Barack Obama’s landmark health-care overhaul.

When not sparring with hecklers, Sarah Palin, the former Alaska governor and best-selling “Going Rogue” author, heaped praise on McCain’s “maverick” Republican style.
Palin called her former 2008 presidential running mate “a man of honor,” “a man of faith” and “a man of the people” who isn’t afraid to “shake things up in Washington” and fight corruption and wasteful pork-barrel spending in Congress.

Unlike two years ago, when McCain lost the White House race to Obama, Palin predicted “this guy’s going to win this time.”

“One thing that hasn’t changed since the 2008 campaign, though, is the deep respect and admiration I have for Senator John McCain, a true American hero,” Palin told a full gymnasium of about 2,500 people at Dobson High School. “It’s an honor to stand beside him today and ask you, Arizonans, please, for the sake of our country and for your good state, send him back to the United States Senate.”

Few would have predicted the scene in 2008, when McCain, the Republican Party’s presidential nominee, picked the little-known Palin as his vice-presidential choice.

But now, McCain is in a spirited primary fight in his bid for a fifth Senate term and he is relying on Palin to help him convince Arizona GOP voters that he’s not too moderate. Palin is a possible Republican 2012 presidential contender.

“Isn’t she magnificent?” McCain asked after Palin introduced him. “I predict to you that Sarah Palin will be around for a long, long time.”

Palin, who stumped for McCain on Friday in Tucson, is a favorite of the “tea party” movement.

The two-day McCain-Palin offensive indicates that McCain is not willing to cede the fiscally conservative and anti-Washington tea-party voters to his challenger in the Aug. 24 primary.

J.D. Hayworth, a former six-term Republican congressman who entered the Senate race on Feb. 15, also is working to round up the tea-party vote. Hayworth has attacked McCain from the right as too liberal on issues such as illegal immigration, saying McCain is part of the problem in Congress.

“We welcome Governor Palin to Arizona and look forward to her support after the August primary,” said David Payne, Hayworth’s campaign manager.

Hecklers interrupted Palin at two points during her remarks. Their shouts were largely inaudible, but McCain campaign aides later said at least one yelled profanities and started throwing elbows.

After they refused to quiet down, both were removed from the gym to the cheers of others in the audience.

“Young man, stick around and listen to what we’re going to say,” Palin told the first heckler. “Sir, maybe you’ll learn something.”

After the second disruption, Palin took an opportunity to chastise the “lamestream media” for suggesting that she and other conservatives are encouraging violence against Democrats who supported the health-care bill.

She warned the audience not to be distracted by that “bunch of bunk.”

“If there was any fairness in the mainstream media today, perhaps they’d look at that and condemn that as a little bit of violence,” Palin said of the second scuffle in the audience.

Outside the gym, one of the ousted protesters loudly complained about his treatment and told Channel 15 (KNXV) that “I just don’t like John McCain.” Brian Rogers, a McCain spokesman, said the campaign didn’t intend to pursue any charges.

Back inside, Palin and McCain ripped “Obamacare,” the far-reaching but politically divisive health-care reform legislation passed by the Democrat-controlled Congress.

“By the way, doesn’t something tell you something’s wrong if (Cuba’s longtime leader) Fidel Castro comes out and says this is a good thing,” Palin asked. “We don’t like it. Castro likes it. What a crock.”

McCain repeatedly chanted a mantra of “Repeal and replace!” in reference to the health-care law, which he called “a monstrosity.”

Tony Tice, a Glendale Republican, said he went to the Mesa event mostly to see Palin, but “for the most part” likes McCain, too. He characterized the rally as “very uplifting.”

Pres. Obama Heckled At Coakley Rally…VIDEO…Obama advisers believe Coakley will lose

Pro-Lifer Heckles Obama At Coakley Event, Removed By Security

By Noel Sheppard
January 17, 2010

An outspoken Pro-Lifer heckled President Obama during Sunday’s rally for Senate candidate Martha Coakley in Boston.

The man, holding a sign that read “Jesus Loves All Babies,” was quickly removed from the facility by security.

Clearly not expecting to be heckled at a Democrat campaign event, the President was visibly thrown off by the untimely interruption

As Ed Morrissey noted:

The big news here isn’t so much that a heckler appeared at a Coakley rally – with passions this high, it would have been news if one hadn’t – but that a series of hecklers threw Obama so far off his stride. It didn’t matter to the people who attended this rally, of course, but it’s a bit strange to see an experienced politician allow a couple of loud voices to interrupt for as long as this goes … and then to ask “Where were we?”

With so much riding on Tuesday’s results, it will be interesting to see how this gets reported by Obama-loving media in the next 24 hours.

Obama advisers believe Coakley will lose

From CNN Senior White House Correspondent Ed Henry

Washington (CNN) – Multiple advisers to President Obama have privately told party officials that they believe Democrat Martha Coakley is going to lose Tuesday’s special election to fill the Massachusetts Senate seat held by the late Ted Kennedy for more than 40 years, several Democratic sources told CNN Sunday.

The sources added that the advisers are still hopeful that Obama’s visit to Massachusetts on Sunday – coupled with a late push by Democratic activists – could help Coakley pull out a narrow victory in an increasingly tight race against Republican state Sen. Scott Brown.

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