RIP: “Spock” Leonard Nimoy & “Mase” Anthony Mason Dead, A Ct Patriot Remembers. VIDEO

Fotor01016224251Ct Patriot: How time flies, and life goes by. Seems like just yesterday I was a young boy watching Star Trek TOS. (the original series) To be honest was never a fan of the poofy Next Generation. But that’s a story for another day. For a little back story, I was not just a fan of Trek. I was a HUGE fan. Yep, I went to the conventions in NYC. Had my room covered in posters and of course Trek models hanging from the ceiling. I remember how “excited” my mom was when I decided to paint my room black and added stars and planets to make it look like space… the final frontier. I’m not sure this should even be told but I had actually recorded on VHS (what’s that dad?) every episode of TOS from a public television station that would play 3 episodes in a row without commercials. So uber Trek nerd I was, I created my own box set. Little did i know that soon I’d be living in an attic apartment at age 17 and for 2 years straight have nothing to watch but those very same episodes. Over and over and …So let us just conclude I liked Star Trek.

download (7)Now to the point. It was a very sad moment when I read of Leonard Nimoy’s passing yesterday. It’s like another part of growing up is gone. I was a Kirk guy growing up, but without Spock there was no Kirk. That was the thing about Trek I enjoyed the most. I, unlike most was not that impressed with the technology of the show. The New World Order aspects were not what drew me to it either. The thing that got me into it was the friendship and loyalty between Kirk and Spock. And Spock and McCoy, The 3 friends who despite their many differences were like brothers. Leonard Nimoy was and always will be the best Spock, the best friend.  That’s what saddens me the most, not only did we lose a person from our history that we have knows for many years. But It also seems we have lost that spirit of brotherhood, friendship and loyalty today that Kirk, Spock and McCoy embodied.

Rest In Peace Old Friend…. Leonard Nimoy  1931-2015

download (8)Now onto Anthony Mason ex-NBA player who at 48 has passed away way too young. I was also a rabid NY Knicks fan back in the day of Ewing, Oakley, Starks and Mason. The Pat Riley- Van Gundy Knickerbockers. I would safely say i saw 99% of every Knick’s game from 1990 til the day they stupidly traded Patrick Ewing for a bag of balls and a white dude. So when i heard recently that “Mase” was in critical condition for a heart problem. I was like “damn” he is only 4 yrs older than me. And if you remember Anthony Mason from his playing days you know this was not a frail man. I recall that back then “Mase” was the only player who by utilizing his bottom half ( big butt) to be able to keep a young Shaq from the paint. What I really remember was the toughness of those Knick’s teams of the 90’s. The never say die attitude. That team was never the same after they traded Mason for Grandmama.

Rest In Peace “Mase”… Anthony Mason 1966-2015

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Leonard Nimoy Dead: Star Trek’s Spock Dies at 83

FEB. 27, 2015

images (15)You have been, and always shall be, our friend. Star Trek‘s Leonard Nimoy, who endeared himself to millions of fans as the character Spock, died on Friday, Feb. 27, at his home in L.A.’s Bel Air neighborhood, his wife confirmed to the New York Times. He was 83.

According to Susan Bay Nimoy, the cause of death was “end-stage chronic obstructive pulmonary disease,” or COPD, which he revealed he had in February 2014. He was reportedly hospitalized earlier this week.

Read more:

Leonard Nimoy

Film Actor, Television Actor (1931–2015)

Leonard Nimoy is an actor who played Spock in both the 1960s TV series ‘Star Trek’ and several movies based on the show.


After roles on Dragnet and The Twilight Zone, Leonard Nimoy earned the attention of producer and writer Gene Roddenberry and was cast on Star Trek as Mr. Spock. Star Trek premiered in 1966 and turned Nimoy into a legitimate star. Nimoy always stayed active as an actor with other projects, working as a photographer and director as well, while his role as Spock on the television show and Star Trek movies over the years dominated his reputation. Nimoy died on February 27, 2015 at the age of 83.

images (16)

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Anthony Mason, Former NBA Fan Favorite, Dies at Age 48

download (4)Retired NBA forward Anthony Mason passed away Saturday at the age of 48. reported the news:

Anthony Mason, a longtime NBA player who helped the New York Knicks reach the 1994 NBA Finals, has died at the age of 48.

A Knicks spokesperson confirmed Mason’s death to ESPN. The 13-year NBA veteran had been diagnosed with congestive heart failure earlier this month.

Mason’s son, Anthony Jr., released a statement:

First, I want to thank all those who offered prayers and well-wishes for my Father, our family really appreciated it. Overnight, New York City and the world lost a legend, a friend, a brother…but more than anything, our father, Anthony Mason. As you all would expect, our father—Big Mase—put up an incredible fight dealing with severe heart issues. I’m wishing this was something else I was writing, but Pops, we’ve got to let you know we love you and know you’ll always be with us.

I ask at this time that you respect our family’s privacy with regard to questions as our family takes the time to mourn.

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68′ Playmate Angela Dorian, AKA Victoria Ventri, Attempted Murder Charges…(NSFW PLAYBOY PHOTOS)

Angela Dorian, 1968 Playboy Playmate of the Year, Charged in Attempted Murder: Report

NY Daily News
By Michael Sheridan
October 20th 2010

A one-time Playboy Playmate may be forced to cover up — with a prison uniform.

Angela Dorian, who in 1968 graced the pages of the men’s magazine as Playmate of the Year, has been charged with attempted murder, according to TMZ.

Click Here To See Angela Dorian's 1967 Playboy Spread...NSFW PHOTOSDorian — whose real name is Victoria Vetri — was having a spat with her lover when she allegedly shot him in the chest, the gossip website reports.

He was hospitalized and is expected to recover.

The 66-year-old former model, who appeared in several TV shows, such as “Star Trek,” “Batman” and “Mission Impossible,” was also featured in Playboy in 1967.

TMZ reports the argument between her and her boyfriend may have turned physical, which sparked the shooting.

Bail has reportedly been set at $1 million.

Angela Dorian, 1968 Playboy Playmate of the Year, charged in attempted murder: report

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(VIDEO) William Shatner Interviews DC Sniper…Lee Boyd Malvo Claims More Shootings…

William Shatner Interviews DC sniper; Sniper Claims More Shootings

William Shatner interviewed convicted DC sniper Lee Boyd Malvo. William Shatner was told by Malvo that he and his partner tried to recruit fellow shooters for their 2002 spree.

Dena Potter
July 29, 2010

Convicted DC sniper Lee Boyd Malvo tells actor William Shatner on a cable TV special that he and his partner tried to recruit fellow shooters for their 2002 spree and that his accomplice killed one man for backing out, according to the program set for airing Thursday.

In a telephone call from a southwest Virginia prison, Malvo told Shatner two men planned to help with the killings but reneged. Malvo said John Allen Muhammad killed one of the men. Malvo did not identify them in the interview for a show on the cable channel A&E.

Malvo’s revelation came in response to questions about claims by a psychiatrist that the duo had had co-conspirators. The psychiatrist, Neil Blumberg, who worked with Malvo before his trial, also said Malvo had confessed to more shootings in addition to the spree that terrorized the Washington region in 2002, when 13 people were hit and 10 of them died.

An FBI spokeswoman did not immediately return a call seeking comment Thursday. Malvo’s lawyer during his trial, Timothy Sullivan, also did not immediately return a call.

In the TV interview, Malvo initially denies his psychiatrist’s claims that he and Muhammad had co-conspirators. Once pressured, he says someone in Arizona helped them get weapons and explosives, and a man in New York was supposed to help them get out of the country “when it’s all said and done.”

He said both later backed out of plans to help with the shootings.

“There was supposed to be three to four snipers with silenced weapons,” said Malvo, who was 17 at the time of the shootings. “In this way we could do a lot more damage along the entire Eastern Seaboard.”

Blumberg said Malvo told him Muhammad made him shoot two of the co-conspirators once they backed out of the plan. Malvo told Shatner only one of the men was killed, and that Muhammad did it.

Blumberg also said Malvo told him there was a third co-conspirator who was supposed to have joined them in Washington but did not. Malvo does not mention that person during the interview with Shatner.

The one-hour “Confessions of the DC Sniper with William Shatner: An Aftermath Special” premieres at 10 p.m. Thursday on A&E.

Previously, Malvo and Muhammad had been linked to as many as 27 shootings resulting in 17 deaths in 10 states and the District of Columbia.

William Shatner interviews DC sniper; sniper claims more shootings

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