Monster Of the Deep?…Giant Isopod…Bathynomus Giganteus PHOTOS…VIDEO

Monster Of the Deep?…Giant Isopod…Bathynomus Giganteus  PHOTOS…VIDEO

March 31, 2010
by Alan Boyle

It may look like a creepy-crawly April Fool’s joke – but an expert on deep-sea species says the bizarre giant bug shown in pictures circulating on the Internet is the real deal.

“I’ve seen the pictures, and they are real, and they really do get that big,” Craig McClain, assistant director of science for the National Evolutionary Synthesis Center in North Carolina, told me today.

McClain specializes in deep-sea biological systems and covers the subject on his Weblog, Deep-Sea News. So he was the go-to guy when pictures of the bug, reportedly hauled up aboard a remotely operated vehicle operating near an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico, started turning up on Web sites ranging from Reddit to Cruisers Forum.

“It’s an isopod,” McClain said. “It’s like the rolypolys or pillbugs that you find in your garden. It’s the same group of animals.”

But this deep-sea isopod is no pea-sized rolypoly: The critter grows to a size of 20 inches or more. The bug shown in the pictures that are currently making the rounds is on the “larger size” of the spectrum, measuring 30 inches in length, McClain said. But there are a lot more big bugs out there.

“They’re really common in the deep water in the Gulf of Mexico,” he said.

That’s where this specimen of Bathynomus giganteus was said to have been found. The story has been pieced together over the past few days, from reports bubbling up on the Internet forums: The bug was a hitchhiker that apparently latched onto an ROV operating around Seadrill’s West Sirius rig in the Gulf of Mexico, at a depth of about 8,500 feet. One photo taken from the side and another displaying a full-frontal view were posted via Reddit late last week by a member who said he works for “a sub-sea survey company.”

McClain said he received the pictures himself from a researcher who has been active in the area. “We’re sort of an online clearinghouse for that sort of thing,” he said. My efforts to contact McClain’s source via e-mail were unsuccessful, however.

Monster bug? It’s no joke!

Fox News Jokes About Obama Being Killed…While Blaming Alex Jones For Promoting Violence…VIDEO

Fox News Calls For Obama To Be Killed While Framing Alex Jones For Instigating Violence

Paul Joseph Watson
Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Fox News contributors call for Obama to be killed and authors to be shot while Fox points the finger at Alex Jones for instigating violence

Mass murder promoting Fox News, the network that was instrumental in pushing lies about weapons of mass destruction that resulted in the deaths of over a million innocent people, is so concerned about violent comments on the Internet that it employs teams of people to trawl through anti-establishment websites like looking for reasons to report Alex Jones to the authorities.

However, Fox seems less bothered about comments on its own website that call for violent bloody revolution and the assasination of President Obama. Perhaps Fox should direct more of its resources towards moderating violet comments on their own website rather than trawling through attempting to pick up on anything incendiary so they can shop Alex Jones to the feds.

As News Corpse reported earlier this month, Fox Nation comment moderators didn’t see fit to remove thinly veiled assassination threats made against President Obama.

After Fox erroneously reported an Obama quote out of context about him being killed by his rising cholesterol, “The result was a rush of comments by Fox Nationalists who were only too happy to see the President dead.”

Indeed, it was all a big laugh, and not a matter for the authorities, when Fox News’ own Liz Trotta joked that both Obama and Osama Bin Laden should be killed.

In response to another Fox Nation article, respondents called for Marines to start killing people as part of a bloody revolution.

“Bring in the Marines and lock and load, then fire at will. Remember Kent State,” wrote one commenter, referring to the 1970 massacre when members of the Ohio National Guard gunned down unarmed students, killing four and injuring nine others.

Fox News was similarly unperturbed when neo-con talk show host and Fox News contributor Michael Reagan urged his listeners to kill author Mark Dice for sending 9/11 truth DVD’s to soldiers in Iraq.

“Excuse me folks, I’m going to say this,” Reagan said during his June 10th 2008 show. “We ought to find the people who are doing this, take them out and shoot them. Really. You take them out, they are traitors to this country, and shoot them. You have a problem with that? Deal with it. You shoot them. You call them traitors, that’s what they are, and you shoot them dead. I’ll pay for the bullets.”

In none of these cases did Fox News show any concern about violent comments, so their efforts to pay people to trawl through Alex Jones’ websites in an effort to implicate Jones as an instigator of violence are manifestly hytpocritical.

While its own hosts abuse free speech to make violent threats, Fox News has a history of grassing people up to the authorities for exercising their free speech. Remember when Bill O’Reilly threatened to have Fox security “pay a little visit” to a caller’s home merely for mentioning Keith Olbermann’s name on air during his syndicated radio show?

For the full Original Article…
Fox News Calls For Obama To Be Killed While Framing Alex Jones For Instigating Violence

Sen. Scott Brown…”The Health Care Fight Is Not Over!” What We Do Now…VIDEO

The Health Care Fight Is Not Over

By Scott Brown
Globe Columnist
March 30, 2010

BY ELECTING me to the US Senate, the people of Massachusetts sent a clear message: Washington needs to get its priorities straight. Voters believed I would be the best candidate to fight for jobs and a stronger economy, keep our country safe, and serve as the 41st vote against the health care reform legislation debated in the Senate.

After my election, Washington politicians began an aggressive push to bend the rules and force their unpopular health care bill on an unwilling nation. They went into secret negotiations to make up their own rules, and eventually found a way to circumvent the will of the people by using the reconciliation process to ram through their health care bill. For the last year, the American people have been shaking their heads at the closed-door meetings, sweetheart deals, and special carve-outs. It has been a very ugly process, and caused many Americans to lose faith in their elected officials in Washington.

This bill constitutes a massive increase in spending that our country can’t afford and will result in a huge expansion in the size and reach of the federal government. When this legislation is fully implemented, the real cost to taxpayers is $2.6 trillion over years. Instead of reforming the health care system and bending the cost curve down, we are doing the exact opposite.

Everywhere I go, people ask me what can be done about this now — after the president has signed it into law, and Nancy Pelosi and others are taking their victory laps.

For starters, we can work in a bipartisan manner to repeal the worst parts of this bill. Americans have been clear that they do not like its $2.6 trillion cost, the higher taxes on families and businesses, the runaway spending, the state mandates, the sweetheart deals, and overcharging students to pay for health care.

We should replace the worst parts of this legislation with solutions that would actually lower costs and improve the quality of care — such as allowing individuals to purchase insurance across state lines, measures that will prevent waste, fraud and abuse, support for increased prevention and wellness programs, and reforms to limit costly litigation and defensive medicine.

I am working on legislation that would allow states to opt out of this federal health care bill because states need flexibility, not a federal government takeover of health care. Instead, individual states should have the flexibility to solve the health care problems in a way that is best for their specific state, similar to the approach we took in Massachusetts that has resulted in a state-specific plan that covers 98 percent of our citizens without raising taxes.

I am also working to repeal the medical device tax. Massachusetts has more than 200 medical device manufacturerswho employ tens of thousands of workers. The medical device tax will not only cost our state good-paying jobs when we can least afford it, but it will be passed along to consumers, who will pay more for necessary medical equipment.

At a time when unemployment in the Commonwealth is hovering at nearly 10 percent, the last thing we should be doing is slapping businesses and workers with higher taxes. I am leading a charge to take the billions of dollars sitting unused in the stimulus slush funds of federal bureaucracies and give immediate tax relief — as much as $100 a month — to every American worker so that they can support their families now and inject money into the economy rather than let it stagnate in Washington.

For the Full Article Click Below…
The Health Care Fight Is Not Over

US Marine’s Father Refuses to Pay “God Hates Fags” Church’s Funeral Protesters Fees….VIDEO

Marine’s Father Will Not Pay Court-Ordered Funeral Protesters’ Fees

The father of a Marine killed in Iraq whose funeral was picketed by anti-gay protesters told Fox News he will defy a court order and not pay the protesters’ appeal costs.

Albert Snyder, of York, Pa., told Fox News he does not intend to pay $16,510 to Fred Phelps, the leader of Kansas’ Westboro Baptist Church, which held protests at Marine Lance Cpl. Matthew Snyder’s funeral in 2006.

“I don’t think I’m going to be writing a check until I hear from the Supreme Court,” Snyder told Fox News on Tuesday. “I’m not about to pay them anything.”

The Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit ordered Snyder on Friday to pay Phelps. A two-page decision supplied by his attorneys offered no details on how the court came to its decision.

The decision adds “insult to injury,” said Sean Summers, one of Snyder’s attorneys.

Snyder is also struggling to come up with fees associated with filing a brief with the U.S. Supreme Court, his attorneys said.

The high court agreed to consider whether the protesters’ message is protected by the First Amendment or limited by the competing privacy and religious rights of the mourners.

A federal appeals court dismissed the suit on First Amendment grounds earlier this month and threw out a $5 million award against the protesters, some of whom carried signs that read “God Hates You” and “Thank God for Dead Soldiers.”

A funeral for the fallen Marline was held in March 2006 in Westminster, Md. Snyder, 20, died from a non-combat-related vehicle accident on March 3, 2006, while supporting Operation Iraqi Freedom.

According to a Web site created in Snyder’s honor, his relatives filed the civil lawsuit against the Westboro Baptist Church to “bring an end to the reign of terror and abuse that they inflicted” upon grieving families of U.S. soldiers killed in Iraq and Afghanistan.

for the full article…
Marine’s Father Will Not Pay Court-Ordered Funeral Protesters’ Fees

Rapper LL Cool J Tweets His Anger Over Sarah Palin Featuring Him On TV Show…VIDEO CLIP…

LL Cool J Rips Stealth Inclusion on Sarah Palin Show

By Marc Schneider
Mar 31st 2010

Sarah Palin loves Cool James, but the feeling isn’t mutual. Rap legend and actor LL Cool J is featured in promos for the Palin-hosted ‘Real American Stories,’ airing on FOX News on Thursday night, but he says the network never asked him to participate.

“Fox lifted an old interview I gave in 2008 to someone else and are misrepresenting to the public in order to promote Sarah Palin’s show,” the real-life James Smith told his Twitter followers Tuesday night. “WOW,” he added.

Aside from LL, country star Toby Keith and former GE exec Jack Welch are billed as appearing on the show, which will feature “real-life tales of overcoming adversity.” According the LA Times, the rapper will talk about his personal life and career in a segment called ‘In Their Own Words.’

The site has allegedly pulled this snippet from the special: “My family is very pro-American,” he said. “My grandfather used to sit me in his lap, and we would watch all of the old World War II shows that used to come on, back in the day. I’m totally on it, totally into it, and I love it. My grandfather, even after we said grace, he would say, ‘Chow!'”

For the Full Original Article …
LL Cool J Rips Stealth Inclusion on Sarah Palin Show

Is Jesse James a NAZI?…New Photo of Jesse James Giving Hitler Salute…(PHOTO)

Exclusive: Jesse James Posed as Adolf Hitler While Dating Sandra Bullock

Us Magazine
March 31, 2010

In 2004, a year before wedding Sandra Bullock, Jesse James posed as Adolf Hitler, wearing a German soldier’s cap, miming the evil dictator’s mustache and giving a “Heil, Hitler” salute.

The disturbing photo is featured in the new Us Weekly (on newsstands now).

“He did it for shock value,” a source tells Us Weekly of the shot, taken in James’ home.

The photo comes out days after TMZ unearthed a shot of James’ alleged mistress, tattoo model Michelle McGee, wearing a swastika armband at a photo shoot.

Is James — who has since checked into rehab — a neo-Nazi?

Though some have suggested that his West Coast Choppers logo resembles the Third Reich emblem, the biker is “just a history buff,” an insider tells Us Weekly. “He had a stepmom whose father lost family in the camps, and they’d talk about it growing up. Jesse’s not a white supremacist.”

Adds another, “Gearheads are fascinated by war machines, including those of the Third Reich. But he’s far from a neo-Nazi.”

Exclusive: Jesse James Posed as Adolf Hitler While Dating Sandra Bullock

Shocking! Did Jefferey Dahmer Murder Little Adam Wash??? Witnesses Come Forward…VIDEO…

Did Jeffrey Dahmer Kill Adam Walsh?

By Charles Montaldo
February 8, 2007

Did Wisconsin serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer kill Adam Walsh, son of “America’s Most Wanted” host John Walsh in 1981? New speculation linking Dahmer to the kidnapping and murder of Adam has surfaced in the media recently, but John Walsh says he has seen no new evidence linking Dahmer to his son’s death.
The speculation linking Milwaukee’s most famous serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer to Adam Walsh’s murder were printed in a Miami publication, the Daily Business Review, by writer Arthur Jay Harris, an author of true crime books. Harris has written an unpublished book on the Adam Walsh case.

The main points Harris makes linking Dahmer to the Walsh case, using files from the official investigation, include:

Dahmer was in the Miami area at the time Adam disappeared, working at a sandwich restaurant.

After Dahmer was arrested in Milwaukee, witnesses said they saw him in the Hollywood, Florida, mall around the time Adam was abducted.

Dahmer had access to a blue van at work. Several witnesses reported seeing a blue van speeding away from the mall the day Adam disappeared.

Two weeks after Adam Walsh disappeared, fishermen found his head in a canal near Vero Beach, 100 miles from Hollywood. His body was never found.
Dahmer Denied Walsh Murder

After Dahmer was arrested in Milwaukee and charged with multiple murders of young men, he was questioned by FBI investigators about the Adam Walsh case. Dahmer, who was forthcoming and confessed to many other murders and mutilations, denied he had anything to do with the Walsh case and claimed he had never been to the Hollywood area.

Harris, who is trying to sell his book to a publisher, insists the link should be pursued by investigators. “I’m not way off on this,” Harris told reporters. “This is something that needs to be investigated.”

Meanwhile, John Walsh still believes Adam was killed by another serial killer, Ottis Toole, who confessed to the murder on his deathbed. Although DNA evidence that might have linked Poole to Adam was lost by police, clothing similar to Adam’s was found in Poole’s home.

Did Jeffrey Dahmer Kill Adam Walsh?

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