Ice T’s Wife Coco Tweets A Photo Of Her Big Bare Ass…(NSFW PHOTOS)

Coco Tweets A Picture Of Her Bare Butt (NSFW PHOTOS)


In case you were wondering what Coco’s butt looks like without a thong running through it, here is a “simple” morning shot.

“Here’s the pic you missed this morning, of me rolling out of bed just one of those simple photos >” Coco tweeted on Monday with a link to the below image.

It’s not the first time Coco has shared photos of her famous rear end. In February she posted this picture of her butt cleavage on MySpace was outraged when the site removed it.

“Why did myspace take this pic down.Are they offended by ass-crack? Its female curvature!” she tweeted.

original Article…Coco Tweets A Picture Of Her Bare Butt (NSFW PHOTOS)

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Adult Star Devon James “Mistress 15?” Claims She Slept With Tiger Woods…HOT PHOTOS…VIDEO

Adult Star Devon James “New Woman” Claims She Slept With Tiger Woods… Is

this Tiger mistress # 15?

Meet Devon James: the Tampa, Florida-based adult entertainer is the latest in a long line of ladies claiming to have had a sexual relationship with embattled golf icon Tiger Woods, can report.

James called into the Bubba The Love Sponge radio show Tuesday, and dished on a two-and-a-half year affair she claims to have had with the golfer, spanning from the end of 2006 through 2008.

James claims that she met Woods when he visited her and another adult entertainer for a “two-girl party” — code name for a threesome encounter. James said Woods paid her and the other escort about $2,000 a piece. She said she walked into a room to find her co-worker and Woods mingling with XXX-rated movies playing in the background, and Woods introduced himself to her with a nonchalant, “Hi I’m Tiger, nice to meet you,” before the sex ensued.

“There was very little talk that first time,” she said.

James described the sex as “dirty,” and said Woods and gave her his personal number “immediately afterwards.” She said that Woods preferred to be the dominant partner in bed, and was well-endowed.

James said that Woods did bring up his wife, Elin Nordegren, on their second meeting, complaining that she didn’t want to have sex a lot.

Woods would send her text messages saying, “I want you to be my w****,” and other sentiments akin, James said.

James said she did not come forward earlier because she felt bad for him at the beginning of the scandal. She said she can prove the connection using old phone records, if need be.

As was first to report, Woods will return to golf next month, playing at the Masters Tournament at Augusta National Golf Club, which runs from April 5 through April 11.

Breaking News!!! Tiger Woods Cheats in Sex Rehab…Therapy was just “a Pathetic Attempt”…


“I am NOT a sex addict!”

A hostile Tiger Woods exploded with pent-up rage during sex addiction therapy after weeks of treating the entire program as a big joke, a close source told The Enquirer. He denied he has a problem, says the source, ridiculed fellow patients and refused to cooperate with therapists.

The disgraced golfer treated group therapy with such contempt that he caused one female patient to break down in tears, the source says.

“What a cheat!” blasted the source. “Tiger’s so-called rehabilitation is a joke. He went into rehab as a sex addict, and he’s coming out as one. He has been in complete denial the whole time.

“Tiger isn’t about to change his stripes. As soon as his wife Elin takes her eyes off him, he will be hopping into bed with the first bimbo that catches his eye.”

Tiger’s much-publicized sex therapy was just “a pathetic attempt” to repair his badly tattered image and to save his $105 million-a-year endorsement empire, charges the source.

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Dead Body Found at Batman Christian Bales Home…Remains of Murdered Man in Yard…

Body Found Where Christian Bale Lived

Posted Feb 11th 2010 1:52PM by TMZ Staff

Christian Bale lived in a home where a human body was buried … and he had no idea, cops tell TMZ.

Christian Bale body found

We’ve learned in 2008 while Bale was filming “Terminator: Salvation” in Albuquerque, New Mexico, the body of Michael Snyder lay in the front yard of the home he was renting.

Snyder had been missing for 8 years … buried at the home the entire time. The body was discovered last week after cops received a tip. Snyder’s ex-wife has been arrested and charged with murder.

Bale obviously had no idea the body was in the yard.

HOT! Rachel Uchitel Tiger Woods Mistress Sex Tape Video? Nude Photos???

Tiger Woods Scandal: Is There a Rachel Uchitel Sex Tape Video???

Published by:Saul Relative

Before the Tiger Woods Scandal is Over, There Has Got to Be Someone with a Sex Tape Video

So where’s the sex tape video of Tiger Woods going at it with Rachel Uchitel or Jaimee Grubbs? These days, when all the talk of mistresses and sex partners starts to fly, once the bikini pictures are out of the way, a sex tape video scandal is usually not far behind. In the case of Woods and his seeming harem of mistresses (a group that may not and probably will not end with just three members), you suspect there has to be at least one of those beautiful women — from the popularity of searching for pictures going on, it would seem that many are hoping for Uchitel — who is into video and filmed herself and Tiger having sex.

Are we expected to believe that someone like Jaimee Grubbs, a woman who openly bragged about her alleged affair with Woods while cameras were rolling on VH1’s “Tool Academy,” a reality show in which she was peripherally involved, and the keeper of sext messages and non-romantic voicemails, did not make even a surreptitious sex tape video of her and Tiger Woods?

Although many might prefer the sexy New York party girl Rachel Uchitel in a sex tape video scandal, they may have to settle for just her bikini pictures (which are everywhere online). But if there is a sex tape video starring Woods and one of his mistresses (alleged), it will most likely star the opportunistic Jaimee Grubbs.

What makes Jaimee Grubbs more likely to have a sex tape video of Tiger Woods than, say, Rachel Uchitel or alleged affair newcomer Kalika Moquin?

Not much, but it is known that what little we know of these women, Grubbs has the reputed history of doing whatever it takes to break into show business, including getting breast implants to pose for Playboy and setting her sights on certain celebrities to date.

Tiger Woods Scandal: Is There a Jaimee Grubbs Sex Tape Video?

Champ Scores Knockout! Evander Holyfield Beats Wife Candi…Files For Protective Order!!! VIDEO

EXCLUSIVE: Wife Candi Claims Evander Holyfield Hit Her, Files For Protective Order

The current wife of former world champion boxer Evander Holyfield has filed for a temporary protective order against him after he allegedly struck her in the face, can exclusively reveal.

Read the Restraining Order Request

Candi Holyfield — Holyfield’s third wife — called the police after the couple got into a fight at their home in Georgia last week.

In the court papers Candi alleges that her famous husband got into a fight with her after she complained that it was too cold in the middle of the night at their massive Georgia mansion on Feb 1 at 4:45 am.

She claimed that the heat was cut off in their mansion and that after taking their children to the bathroom in the middle of the night, she tried to talk to Holyfield about the house being too cold.

“He told me I was only thinking about myself, the children’s hearts beat faster,” she wrote in the restraining order.

The deeply religious boxer accused her of being disrespectful when she pulled the covers over her head and he said that she needed to “start putting God first” in her life.

Holyfield refused to let up, arguing about payments made to their church and asking his wife if she had been tithing. He demanded she show him the check stubs of her payments to the church and after she refused, Candi alleges that Holyfield hit her in the face on the back of the head twice and on her back also.

Candi also claims that Holyfield has hurt her before and that he has been violent in the presence of their children. She wrote in the restraining order request:  “In 2008 he choked me in front of our daughter and house keeper. In 2009 he has hit me in front of the children. He has grabbed me in front of the children. A couple of weeks ago he threw a bottle of water at me.”

A source tells “They got into a fight and Candi called the police complaining that Evander had hit her in the face.

“He then left for the Super Bowl in Miami and now she has filed for a restraining order against him and she wants a divorce.

“She is fed-up with his womanizing and money  troubles — she is working as a nurse and is now in the process of finding a new place to live.

“Candi claims that their fight left her with a black eye and that she is scared to be around him now.

“Evander has not spoken with the police yet and they have a court date for February 18, 2010.”

Holyfield, who infamously had part of his ear bitten off during a title fight with Mike Tyson, has recently been trying to change his child support payments.

The boxer, who was previously married to Paulette Brown and then to a Dr. Janice Itson, claims that he’s not earning as much money as he previously did.

According to documents filed last month in Cobb County Superior Court in Georgia, Holyfield wants his agreement with ex-wife Itson from 2000 modified because his “income has decreased.”

The documents also say he now has other children “for whom he is also responsible to support”. It’s understood that the fertile boxer has a total of 11 children.

In 2005, Holyfield came in fifth place on ABC’s Dancing wit the Stars with his partner Edyta Sliwinska.

EXCLUSIVE: Brangelina Over!!! Jennifer Aniston Tells Brad Pitt She’ll Take Him Back!!! HOT PHOTOS…

On the Cover: Jen Tells Brad She’ll Take Him Back!

Star Magazine

Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt shocked the world five years ago, when they ended their picture-perfect marriage. But now that Brad and Angelina Jolie have signed a breakup contract dividing their $350 million fortune, Jen is ready to forgive her ex — and take him back!

In the Feb. 8 issue of Star, we report that Brad and Angie have now accepted that it’s not a question of if they break up but when! Brad reached out to his ex for support — exchanging phone calls and text messages before an emotional face-to-face meeting at the Hope for Haiti Now benefit on Jan. 22.

“He knew she would console him, like she always did when they were together,” an insider tells Star.

And as they talked, Jen realized that she loves and misses Brad — and wants him back in her life.

“She’s never had a relationship live up to what they had, and now that things with Angie are finally ending, she’ll take him back,” says to a friend. The day after the telethon, Jennifer called Brad up and admitted the spark was still there, and she knows he felt it too. “The moment he and Angie make it official that they’ve called it quits, she’s ready to try again.”

What did Brad say when Jen declared her feelings? What’s the next step for the duo? Get the scoop — as well as all the details on Brad and Angelina’s split — in the new issue of Star today. Plus: A photo tribute to Brad and Angelina and their family: The way they were!

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