(CRASH VIDEO) MTV’s T.J. Lavin In Medically Induced Coma After BMX Wreck…

MTV Host Critically Injured in Dirt Bike Crash

By Charlotte Triggs
October 15, 2010

Pro BMX dirt bike rider TJ Lavin is currently in critical condition at a Las Vegas hospital after attempting a dangerous stunt Thursday evening.

Lavin, an X Games star who hosted MTV’s Real World Road Rules Challenge for 10 seasons, was attempting a “nac nac” jump combination and couldn’t return his feet to the pedals before landing, ESPN reports.

The 33-year-old was competing in the Dew Tour Championships in Las Vegas, Nev., when the accident happened. He suffered a shattered right wrist and broken ribs and was knocked unconscious, it was reported.

Original Article…MTV Host Critically Injured in Dirt Bike Crash


(PHOTOS) Jersey Shore’s J-WOWW Offered $400k For Posing Nude In Playboy…

EXCLUSIVE: Jersey Shore’s J-WOWW Offered $400,000 For Playboy

Sept, 18, 2010

Playboy is putting the “Wow” in J-WOWW.

RadarOnline.com has learned exclusively that there is a $400,000 offer from the mag for the Jersey Shore star to pose naked. We’ve also learned that the deal is not final and may face contractual obstacles from the reality TV show.

“Talks have been going on for a long time now and the highest offer she has received is $400,000,” revealed our source.

The curvaceous reality TV star, whose real name is Jeni Farley, has been talking about the news and seems enthusiastic about getting naked.

“Final offer is standing,” J-Woww tells E! Online. “Hopefully, it will go through.”

RadarOnline.com learned exclusively that negotiations began at $200,000 and the $400,000 offer is contingent on full nudity. Topless only photos would lower the offer.

MTV’s The Hills star Heidi Montag stripped for the magazine never bared all. At this point it ‘s still unclear as to how much the Jersey Shore guidette will show. But sources tell RadarOnline.com, her MTV contract could be the real reason fans will see less skin.

Playboy told RadarOnline.com “no comment” when asked about the deal and the dollar amount.

EXCLUSIVE: Jersey Shore’s J-WOWW Offered $400,000 For Playboy

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NSFW RAW VIDEO: Topless Tila Tequila Attacked By Juggalos’ On Stage…

Clowns Assault Tila Tequila with Sex Toys, Singer issues Legal Threats

Chris Parry
Vancouver Sun
August 16, 2010

Tila Nguyễn, better known by her Myspace, reality TV and social media name Tila Tequila, is threatening to sue The Juggalos, a group of clown makeup-wearing fans of the band Insane Clown Posse, after she was forced off-stage during a performance on the weekend.

“Pretty soon the owners who run the Juggalos will be bankrupt,” said Tequila on Twitter after the incident. “My attorney Alan is already on it. This is disgusting behavior from men.”

Tequila was subjected to a barrage of thrown objects as she tried to perform on the main stage at the event, receiving cuts and bruises to her face, arms and legs.

The Gathering, an annual festival for Insane Clown Posse fans, has long enjoyed a reputation for rowdiness aimed at performers. Clown makeup-wearing fans regularly toss debris at musical acts, something that musicians are warned of before they agree to appear.

But the decision to bring the famous-for-being-famous Tequila to the festival as a musical act was so poorly received by the hardcore rap-loving crowd, that organizers asked fans to go easy on her in a pre-event meeting.

Their calls were not heeded.

According to witnesses, as soon as Tequila hit the stage, shooting silly string into the crowd, a large banner featuring a four-letter word to describe a piece of female anatomy was unfurled. She was allegedly soon hit in the face, chest and legs by eggs, bottles of ICP fans’ preferred soda ‘Faygo’, feces, balloons filled with urine, a bag of chicken breasts, a flashlight, rocks, watermelon, pizza, cigarettes, and a large array of sex toys.

Canadian comedian Tom Green ran out on stage to try to deflect attention from the singer but the 1,000-strong crowd was not to be distracted and continued raining debris on the stage.

Tequila’s first response to the assault was to take her shirt off. Her second was to flee to a nearby trailer which was allegedly set upon by the outraged fans.

Before the festival kicked off, ICP member Violent J told fans they should think twice before engaging in their usual routine of tossing debris at the acts onstage. “You wouldn’t believe how many people refuse to come play the Gathering,” he was quoted as saying. “And when we see somebody who actually agreed, and who was actually looking forward to it, get bombed onstage? That s–t hurts, man, because we feel bad for them, you know. And we just want you to know, we’re going to have equally as much love from us no matter what you decide to do, but we wish you wouldn’t throw the s–t, man. I’m keeping it real.”

Fans could argue that Tequila fired first. The blogging/social media/reality TV crossover star boasted on Twitter before the event, “Lil Kim also performing tonight!! Woohoo! This is gonna be so fun!! I bought a TON of cool shit that imma spray at the crowd!!! Lol!”

Authorities in Utah, Arizona and California have referred to the Juggalos as a criminal gang, though the band has often denounced all forms of violence within the movement.

Sexy DJ LaLa Vasquez Weds NBA’s Carmelo Anthony…LaLa Vasquez Topless Photo, PHOTO SLIDESHOW…

Carmelo Anthony Weds LaLa Vasquez tonight; LeBron James, Kim Kardashian Expected …

NY Post
July 10, 2010

With many of the best of this year’s free agents gone to other NBA teams, the Knicks and the Nets can start working tonight on next year’s biggest prize, Carmelo Anthony, at his wedding at Cipriani 42nd Street.

The Denver Nugget star is marrying Brooklyn-born LaLa Vasquez, of MTV fame, the mother of their 3-year-old son, Kiyan.

Knick fans among the guests will have to stifle their disappointment and rage at LeBron James, who’s shunning his new home, Miami, to attend.

LaLa Vasquez Marries Carmelo Anthony, LeBron and Kardashian will attend

Sergio Mendes
Jul 11 2010

LaLa Vasquez Marries Carmelo Anthony, LeBron and Kardashian will attend

LaLa Vasquez, the famous DJ and entertainer will marry Denver Nuggets star Carmelo Anthony, a wedding that will be one of the biggest events that New York will see this weekend.

The wedding between the two will gather big names from the NBA and the music industry.

Basketball player of the moment, LeBron James, who recently signed with Miami Heat will be there, and Amare Stoudemire, and Kenyon Martin as well.

Singer Ciara is expected to perform during the ceremony, but LaLa Vasquez’s good friend Kim Kardashian will also be there.

LaLa Vasquez Marries Carmelo Anthony, LeBron and Kardashian will attend

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Chris Brown 2010 BET Awards: From Beating a Woman, To Being A Woman…BREAKDOWN VIDEO

Will Chris Brown’s BET Performance Revive His Career? PR Experts Weigh In

‘The question is: Do people think it’s real?’ one expert asks of Brown’s tearful BET Awards Michael Jackson tribute.

Jun 28 2010
By Gil Kaufman

Only Chris Brown knows what caused him to choke up on Sunday night at the BET Awards during his tribute to Michael Jackson. Was it paying tribute to his late musical and dancing idol? Was it the emotion of performing on a major TV event for the first time in over a year in front of his peers? Was it the song’s lyrics, which are about staring in the mirror and willing yourself to make a change?

Brown, whose career has stalled in the wake of his plea a year ago to felony assault on ex-girlfriend Rihanna, grabbed a lion’s share of the headlines in the wake of the emotional performance, earning higher placement in most reports than the return to the show of T.I. after spending nearly a year in prison on weapons charges and another major awards-show resurrection: Kanye West’s first live set at an awards show since he interrupted Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech at last year’s MTV Video Music Awards.

“The question is: Do people think it’s real?” said veteran publicist and crisis manager Howard Bragman about the latest scene of a celebrity welling up on national TV. “If [the audience] bought it as authentic, then it might give him some sympathy, or there will be people who will roll their eyes because they feel like it’s a PR stunt because we live in a cynical world.”

Many of the respondents in an MTV News story about reader reaction to the Brown performance expressed a desire to forgive the singer and allow him to move on from the Rihanna assault. Even one of the star’s most virulent blog attackers, Perez Hilton, put the knives away for the first time in more than a year and said the performance “seemed genuine” because the low-key wasn’t “crying pretty,” but rather seemed to honestly break down and lose his composure.

While initially skeptical, Hilton said upon further viewing the breakdown seemed real. “It was ugly and raw and I think a lot of different things were going there, from his love and tribute to Michael, to having exerted a lot of energy and emotion earlier, to thinking about the Rihanna incident, to probably relief and joy over getting the opportunity to perform again on television at a big awards show,” he said.

As to whether a publicist would ever counsel a client to cry on cue in order to gain sympathy, Bragman not-so-sheepishly admitted that he did once tell a thespian, “You’re a really good actor, I wouldn’t mind seeing a few tears.” And Bragman said the person in question was a good actor and it did work, though Bragman would not divulge their identity.

With tepid album sales for his latest LP, Graffiti, little interest at radio and the cancellation of a recent U.K. tour due to visa issues tied to his felony plea, Brown has been struggling to put his career back on track following the Rihanna case.

Will Chris Brown’s BET Performance Revive His Career? PR Experts Weigh In

CtPatriot: This Guy Beat A Woman… Period.

(VIDEO) “Les Grossman” AKA Tom Cruise and J. Lo Get Down at The 2010 MTV Movie Awards…WTF? Actually Funny…

Jennifer Lopez & Tom Cruise Dance At MTV Awards (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

06- 6- 2010

Tom Cruise, as his ‘Tropic Thunder’ character Les Grossman, busted a move with J.Lo at the MTV Movie Awards Sunday night to her old song ‘Get Right.’ His Grossman character opened the show.

Before Cruise & Lopez came out, Ed Helms sang as ‘Hangover’ costar Ken Jeong did a dance.

Cruise is promoting his upcoming ‘Knight and Day,’ which costars Cameron Diaz. He and Diaz also presented the final award.

Jennifer Lopez & Tom Cruise Dance At MTV Awards (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Tom Cruise shows off his hip hop moves in hilarious routine with Jennifer Lopez at MTV Movie Award

By Lizzie Smith
7th June 2010

He has a reputation for being somewhat uptight.

But there was no holding Tom Cruise back as he performed a jaw-dropping hip hop routine with Jennifer Lopez at the MTV Movie Awards.

The actor reprised his role as Les Grossman, the fat, balding foul-mouthed Hollywood producer character he played in Tropic Thunder.

Bumping and grinding their way across the stage to Lopez’s 2005 single Get Right, the pair performed a highly synchronised set, full of cheoreographed moves.

At one point Lopez spanked a willing Cruise, but ticked him off when he attempted to return the favour.

The pair were cheered on by Cruise’s wife Katie Holmes, who sat in the front row.

The hilarious ended with Cruise making a valiant attempt at doing the splits, which he only half-completed.

CtPatriot: I Gotta Admit i think Tom Cruise Is a Douche Bag… But He Deserves Credit For  this , I Actually Laughed. He’s Just Crazy Enough to Give it His All…

(VIDEO) Sandra Bullock & Scarlett Johannson’s Lesbian Kiss At 2010 MTV Awards (PHOTOS)

(VIDEO) Sandra Bullock & Scarlett Johannson’s Lesbian Kiss At 2010 MTV Awards (PHOTOS)

06- 7-10

Sandra Bullock (looking amazing) made her second appearance in as many days to pick up the Generation Award at the MTV Movie Awards, during which she locked lips with Scarlett Johansson.

Johansson, along with Bullock’s former costars Betty White and Bradley Cooper, presented Bullock with her award.

Johansson’s husband Ryan Reynolds, who couldn’t be there, was nominated with Bullock for Best Kiss. They lost, but Scarlett wanted a shot at a sweet kiss of her own.

Sandra Bullock sparkled at Sunday night’s MTV Movie Awards wearing a short and backless, but long-sleeved black dress by Oday Shakar. She kept the rest of her look simple with her hair in a ponytail, diamond studs and coral lipstick.

Sandra Bullock & Scarlett Johannson Kiss At MTV Awards (PHOTOS)

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